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  1. 1 hour ago, Experienced Defender said:

    First off, if you play with a regista, then you need much better defensive protection around him. 

    Now, here are the instructions I would immediately remove:

    - narrow width and focus play through the middle (these two TIs are forcing your attacks into the area(s) of the pitch where most of the opposition are going to pack with players)

    - extremely urgent pressing (very risky defensively, as it tends to disrupt your defensive shape, which the opposition can exploit via counter-attacks; use a split-block instead)

    - Underlap right (with IFsu and WBat, you already have a natural overlap; if you want a natural underlap, then use IWBat and Wsu; plus, underlaps and overlaps both increase the fullback/wing-backs' mentality, making your already shaky defensive setup even more risky)

    - Underlap left (with an attacking mezzala, you need a more conservative fullback in order to protect the flank)

    The instruction I would add:

    - distribute to FBs, in addition to CBs (so that the keeper would have more options available)

    Regarding roles and duties, I wouldn't play the identical roles and duties on both wings. There are different combos that can work well (e.g. IFsu/Wat; IFsu/IFat). 

    To cut a long story short, here is an example of how you may set up a 4141dm wide tactic utilizing a regista in a nice way:


    IFsu                                   IFat

    MEZat     CMsu


        FBsu    CDde    CDde    IWBde


    I think Positive mentality would be a better choice for a top team like Milan.

    Team instructions:

    - shorter passing, play out of defence, work ball into box, be more expressive, overlap right

    - counter, counter-press, distribute to CBs and FBs

    - higher DL, higher LOE, default pressing urgency, prevent short GKD, use offside trap

    The reason the fullbacks are a lot more conservative than in your initial tactic is - the regista. As I said, he is not a defensive-minded DM, so it's essential to surround him with enough players that can defend, while at the same time providing passing options in attacking build-ups. As a sort of "counter-measure", the mentality is raised to Positive and the Overlap on the right flank is also added to slightly boost the mentality of the IWB on defend. Without a regista, the tactic would look differently, of course.  

    Thank you. I will try out a few of your changes!

  2. My Milan team plays good football, but have problems scoring. I have watched a few matches, but can not see any clear reason. In every match I have played, we have had mor than 20 shots. Almost never a single big goal scoring chance, and just a few goals. See example under. Any thoughs?


    2019-06-24 (1).png

    2019-06-24 (2).png

    2019-06-24 (3).png

  3. I need some input on how to create a tactic, and team, based on the strategy of former Norway coach Egil "Drillo" Olsen. I don't want to replicate the tactic he used, but only use his strategical framework.

    What kind of tactics would promote this strategy? What kind of TI and PI should I use? What kind of player quality should I have? What kind of player traits would should I look for?

    The attacking strategy I want to use is (the first leads to the second, the second leads to the....and so on):


    And the defensive strategy is:



    "Drillo" "quotes":

    "If you don't score within 4 moves after winning the ball, you should just give the ball back to the other team."

    "The team out of possession is more likely to score than the team in possession."

    "Five players in the midfield will win the ball more often in the midfield than four players will."

    "Never give the opposition a opportunity to counter on your team."

    "Football is a game without the ball."

    "Defense is the best attack."

    "Passes within the defense is a deadly sin."



  4. 1 hour ago, Neil Brock said:

    Yeah in part it'll be reputation and in part it'll be comparing against players who play in a similar position who are of a similar standard for other clubs. And if they only fairly recently signed for a set fee, the value won't shoot up.

    But as has already been covered here, it's more a guideline for the current market rather than an amount you should be looking to sell the player for. Realistically a player is 'valued' at whatever YOU as manager think they're worth to you. 

    I still think something is wrong here. Could it be because german players don't get to play in the nation team?

    Take a look at Jorunarigha:


    One of my best players. He has played 198 matches for me in 5 Seasons. He has got 3 years left of his contract. He is rated 4 stars by my staff. Valued at £2,7m.


    His reputation is 5,5 stars.

    Compared to a similar player, which my scout also rates at 4 stars:


    The value difference is huge. I can understand that a played with a big contract is valued more, but not that much more. And Paris is a bigger club than Hertha, but we have just won the CL twice in to seasons.


    The problem with the low value is that every big club in the world wants to sign them, but refuse to bid more that £4-5m. I would value him at about £50m. This results in 40-50 bids every transfer window from Man Utd, Man City, Real M, Barcelona, Bayers and so on... And naturally Jorunarigha wants to leave. But I can not sell for that price because it is just unrealistic...

  5. 9 minutes ago, FrazT said:

    The in-game player value is a guideline only based on a number of parameters and is no indication of the price you will be willing to sell for.  The bigger clubs are trying to get your players cheaply as the start of the negotiation process, so turn down any bids that are unacceptable and set the selling price of the players to a level that you are comfortable with

    Yes, I understand that. But would they be valued so low by the game when they are some of the best players in the best team in Europe?

    Other players in the squad don't have the same problem; Weiser £35m, Meier £55m, Adzic £47m.


  6. Some players just won't rise in value. I my Hertha save, we have won the league, CL and cup the last two seasons. Still some of my best players (4stars) have a value that just don't reflect the quality. M GK (Rajkovic £6m) and my CDs (Stark £7m, Toruningha £3m). They are all 22-26 years and all of the biggest clubs try to sign them, but will not bid much more that the value of the players... What is this all about?

  7. On ‎12‎.‎04‎.‎2018 at 12:13, summatsupeer said:

    What do you expect from them for you to say you got the best from them?  If you expect both to stay wide and cross then you have two players doing the job of one.

    Well, I expect for them to perform.

    Weiser's stats after 2,5 seasons with a winger in front om him are 81 matches, 2 assists and 6,93.

    For 2 seasons I have played a wide playmaker or a IF in front of him, and Weiser's stats these seasons where 74 matches, 20 assists and 7,42.

    I understand that a wing back and a winger often will do the same job, but it is not possible to get something good out of the WB when playing a winger?

  8. 9 minutes ago, summatsupeer said:

    If your two best attacking players are a FB + W then i'm guessing your main supply to the forwards will be crossing so i'd make sure you have a big guy up front like a Lukaku/Giroud/Dzeko/Mandzukic/Crouch type forward.  You don't have to use a TM role but if you do i'd make sure he has close support from a 2nd striker or AMC.

    If both the FB and winger are on the same flank then there is a risk they get in each others way if your too attacking with the FBs role+duty and the winger stays wide which is unlikely unless he has traits like Moves Into Channel.  Even if they're the best attacking players it doesn't mean you have to give them attack duties, the winger might be better collecting the ball to feet more often to then dribble at the defence rather than playing higher and trying to run in behind as often.  I'd also not put your eggs all in one basket with crosses, try and have another way to goal.

    Ok, but my problem is that I don't get the most out of my wing back when I have a winger ahead of him. Both on support andattack. But if I don't pay Chiesa as a winger, I don't get the most out of him,but then Weiser is great.


  9. I would be greatfull if someone could give me some feedback on my tactic. All of my strikers underperform and gets few chances.  My wide players often performs good. If I change the striker to DF(S), there is way to many long shots. We often underperform against teams on the lower part of the league, and play good football againt the better teams (vs Bayern 3-2, vs Real Madrid 5-0, vs Barca 2-2). Often against bad teams we only have 2-4 shots during the whole game and 65% possession.




  10. At the start of season 4, this is my first and second team (John/Nelson regens).

    Still no signings, but nice results every Seasons. We won the PL 3 times, CL 2 times (+finale loss to L'pool season 1), 2 FA-Cup wins and 2 wins in the Carabao Cup. This is fun :) 

    I pretty much play the same way every match, but sometimes move the mentality to Control when we are ahead away from home to the big Clubs.


  11. 1 hour ago, herne79 said:

    You can try leaving a man on the edge of the area, but not an awful lot you can do.

    However, if it happens in favour of the AI then it can also happen in your favour as well.  Small consolation perhaps when you see the AI score against you but it should even out.  So even if it is a bug the bug will work in both ways.

    Leaving a man at det edge of the area would be a good idea, but it is not possible on defensive free kicks. They can stay in the box, in the wall or in attack.


    In attack: Would this be the option of "staying with taker" or "stay back if needed"?

  12. Lets say you manage Burnley and are on a 6 matches loosing streak. The next match is at Emirates Stadium against Arsenal who has not lost in 22 matches. What do you do? I want to learn all about your pre-match routine to a match like this, your tactics, your mindset (do you try to win, go for a draw or just play through the match as quick as possible while you make a cup of tea?) What do you tell your players in a match like this? Would you fine a player who makes a few mistakes in a match like this and gets a 4,3ish rating??



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