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  1. On a very basic level - no need to go into loads of TI or PI - but what would the best starting point for building a team style like Man Utd in the 98/99 or 07/08, in terms of the new 2019 playing styles? I immeditely thought of wing play, but it seemed a bit more geared to big, tall heading strikers which SAF didnt typlically use. Thanks
  2. Love the revamped tactics and Training modules this year, great work SI. Is it possible to use a photo as a users profile picture? I can not stand the 3d model thing that gets generated when all my players have proper profile photos.
  3. My key appeared this morning after ordering Monday evening. I emailed customer support on Monday and they said they would look into it.
  4. Thanks - Unfortunately where you suggested is where it informs me that the key is in progress. I have emailed them now. May I ask how you paid? I went through paypal and has been my first order with them. Not sure if that makes a difference.
  5. Has anyone ordering over Voidu over the weekend been sent their key? Just ordered and it says Key: - In progress
  6. I am usually pretty critical about the direction of FM, but not in the case of the ME. I think its fantastic. The team working on it deserve a lot of praise for where it is at the moment. While I think the series as a whole hasn't exactly progressed over the last few years, the ME for me is way ahead of its time. The yearly improvements to it are pretty much the reason I do end up investing in the yearly releases.
  7. I have tried finding a skin that does hide attributes but the only one I found was for FM16. I can hide attributes on the player profile screens easy enough. Its the tactic player screen which is the issue at the moment as it displays position related attributes in various colours. Anyway to change them?
  8. I am looking for a skin that removes the player attributes from in game. No more seeing player x has finishing 17 because my scout has scouted him four times. Just purely using in game stats, scouting reports and what I see in the match engine to make judgements. Is this possible or available? Thanks
  9. Is there the option yet to mask all player attributes forever? That one option would for me bring the game to life, leaving me to make my own judgements on stats and what I see in the ME, while at the same time making scout reports far more valuable. If I want a fast player its just to easy to pick player A because he has 18 pace rather than player b who has 16.
  10. After watching the video I pretty much came to the same opinion. With the exception of the corny video comment. Corny videos are deff not the problem with the series at the moment ...... they certainly didn't waste much money on it. As a Man Utd fan the current FM era all feels a bit Moyes and Van Gaal.
  11. Which has been a major problem for the series since FM14 in my opinion. Is the dynamics actually new? Or a UI representation of the current system in place? As far as I can see FM17 has player groups, fallout with one and a certain group side with the player.
  12. Training is one of the worst things in my opinion. I would at least like to see either an average rating or a list of players who were notably good or bad after each session. If my young striker had a really good week training while my overpaid ageing striker had had a few stinkers then I would feel like I have a decision to make, especially if it was tied in with morale. its just to basic at the moment
  13. FM13 - 4 FM14 - 5 FM15 - 1 FM16 - 1.00002 FM17 - 4
  14. After spending a few days with the demo and 3 days with the full game I think this is the best title in the series. I really didnt like FM15 and didnt think FM16 improved many things in many ways, but FM17 has got so much right and its good to see. Does it have issues, of course, some are niggles that have been mentioned numerous times in this thread. Things like training really does need a revamp. I personally still find the game a bit easy, to easy to mange injuries and mange morale and thus a bit to easy to keep winning sides winning titles, which in my opinion should be the hardest thing in the game to do. I would also like the option to hide all player attributes or at least mask them more until they join my team. Hopefully they flesh out the social media more and dont stagnate on it like they have with press conferences. Its been a good 6 years of Michael Carrick getting called the weakest link... Despite that, after 2 years of being pretty nonplussed its great to be looking forward to playing again.
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