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  1. Sorry no! Wish I did, have checked through the saves. I'll keep an eye out for it if it happens again. Definitely didn't make any promises as I remember clicking through quick not realising then it was too late to go back.
  2. Having a similar issue, says he's unhappy about a broken promise but can't see any promises listed.
  3. Sorry wasn't clear in my question, I know the save will work but will the fixed bugs be applied to the BETA save?
  4. Sorry, age old question...will the patches on full/post release work on my current BETA save or will I have to start a new game? Thanks.
  5. Blimey didn't realise it was that old, always just went on the GB size. Drivers all up to date so I'll upgrade and see how it goes. Thanks.
  6. ATi Radeon HD 5400, desktop PC. WIn 10, Pro, Everything on optimal/best. Thanks. Around a 4 second delay when clicking the down arrow until the list of players appears.
  7. Not sure if OT or not but my FM Touch is incredibly slow and lagging when dragging players, clicking on the player drop down on the tactics screen. Didn't play FM18 so not sure if it's just me. Processing is fast, just certain aspects of the UI that are slow. AMD Quad 3.8ghz, 8GB Ram, 1GB Radeon graphics card, would assume that's enough for a smooth UI but maybe not!
  8. Hmmm Intel i3 dual core 8GB RAM or Intel Quad core 4GB RAM I would normally go for the Quad core but not up to speed with processors these days :o
  9. Thanks guys, yea looking to stay away from netbooks. I think the resolution should be fine just the processor that might be the problem, will have to look for the best cooling option.
  10. Has anyone got any experience playing FM on a small 10"/11" laptop/ultrabook? I'm going travelling soon and need a small laptop as light as possible and would love to be able to play FM on it as well. Not too fussed about the quality of the match engine graphics, so everything on minimum, 1 league, small DB. Don't think any that size have dedicated graphics so just wondering if anyone has tried it?
  11. Will it ever be possible to add an injury or a ban?
  12. Thank ruci. Keep up the good work. It's much appreciated.
  13. The clause and bonus section is blank for me. Any ideas? Or can you only edit them and not add them.
  14. Thanks for your help ruci
  15. Still struggling with mine after installing the new framework. Does it require SP3 for XP, I'm on SP2.
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