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  1. dafuge's FM16 challenge

    Well, I finished in 21st place with Grantham and have now restarted with Matlock. http://imgur.com/Zg9Naxp
  2. dafuge's FM16 challenge

    I'm a fan of Downton Abbey so I couldn't pass up Grantham Town FC, nicknamed the Gingerbreads. Age is off by 6 years haha, forgot that part, but we all lie about our age http://imgur.com/UnZE48c
  3. FM16 - best prices

    25% off on Steam. Offer is good for 47 hours.
  4. Female managers

    Or a man coaching female players. Simply wait until everyone is dressed. If players want to wait to put on socks/boots until later then thats fine but it shouldn't take too long to put on a shorts and a top. Hope Powell was linked to Grimsby in 2009. Don't remember if she applied or was just speculation.
  5. Female managers

    I've been playing FM since 08. I had played FIFA manager mode until that point which was fun but I felt it was lacking something. I knew of a little about FM but wasn't sure if it was available in the US. A quick google search lead me to the FM08 demo and after about 20 minutes of playing it I bought WWSM08 off Amazon with overnight shipping. I've been an Arsenal fan for 10+ years but I've never managed a big club on FM. I've always preferred to start in the lower leagues, mainly Conference North/South, and work my way up. One year I was offered a job with a League One club and took it out of curiousity for something different. I hated it and went straight back to being a lower league manager. Happy FMing everyone.
  6. dafuge's FM14 challenge

    2 weeks into January, King's Lynn update. We're sitting in 16th place on 31 points, 8 wins, 7 ties, 11 losses. We've stayed around 16th-18th place all season, our best position was 15th. I stuck with a 4-4-2 for months, had some very inconsistent form, and finally decided to switch to a 4-5-1. The change in tactic has been good for us and makes me wish I had made the switch earlier in the season. Managed to sign a few players in the squad to longer contracts however, a decent amount of them are still uninterested in discussing anything
  7. dafuge's FM14 challenge

    Started a game late last night so sorry for a crappy introduction, a 26 year old Female American taking over King's Lynn! It was just me and the Chairman when I arrived, the only other coach on staff contract expired shortly after I was hired. I made some pretty decent staff signings which I'm happy about. A long pre-season, most of it spent trying to find players to sign, ended and the season finally began. We've managed to win our first 2 games, and score 3 goals in each. A bit surprising to be honest, but very proud of my team. Hopefully the good form continues, the early results can certainly help down the road.
  8. FM13: Lower League Players Thread

    I've been looking for a keeper for ages. I see a lot of people recommend David Bevan but he doesn't show up in my database.
  9. Make sure you've closed out Steam completely and restart it. Usually when you restart it you should see a box saying X username connecting to Steam (don't remember exact wording)
  10. FM12 - Lower League Players

    Name: Ben Hunter Age: 26 Position(s): ST Ideal Role/Duty: ST Current Club: Free Agent Country: England Work Permit: No Transfer Fee: Free Club & League Signed For: Eastwood (BSN) Good signing for this level and my team. 5 goals and 2 assists in 7 games so far. Name: Danny Hawkins Age: 19 Position(s): ST, AMR Ideal Role/Duty: ST, AMR Current Club: Free last played at Middlesbrough a few years ago Country: England Work Permit: No Transfer Fee: Free Club & League Signed For: Eastwood (BSN) Great player for this level. 1 goal and 2 assists in 2 games I start him out as a right midfielder then move him upfront later on in the game (give other guys time at right mid). Cheap wages too only on $25 per week (about £15 I think)
  11. Any other Yanks?

    Ohio. Have to work tomorrow but will play a little tonight and continue once I get home on Friday.
  12. Pre-ordered through Steam always an exciting time of year leading up to the release. Can't wait to download and play it on Thursday. I have to work until 6pm on Friday but from what I've heard its going to be a "light" day at work. I'll pick up some dinner/snacks on the way home and then a weekend of FM. Hope everyone enjoys the game!
  13. I live in the USA and I think the biggest thing as Matt said is selling PC games in stores. I went to Target recently and the PC game section is one shelf by the books and CDs. It is the same way at the local Gamestop, Walmart, etc. Also the game is called Football Manager regardless of the country it is selling in and I don't think a game called Football Manager that is really soccer will sell well in the USA. 2008 and 2009 I bought the game from Amazon.com but now the Amazon.com release date seems to differ a lot from the Steam release date. I don't have a problem buying the game off Steam. In fact I've bought quite a few PC games from Steam as it allows me to play it right away rather than waiting for it to ship from Amazon or another website. PC games just aren't that popular IMO now that we have next-gen gaming systems like the 360 and PS3 unless its something like The Sims.
  14. FM in USA

    Buy it from Steam or Amazon.com those are the only places to buy it in the USA
  15. lower league teams??

    I also recommend eastwood great club!