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  1. Fmrte

    Hey Like the program and works great. Anyone know what stats i gotta set my chairman so he doesnt want to stay at club? Thanks
  2. Hey As a windows xp 64 user the installer the demo came with wouldnt run unless i ran the installer in compablitity mode, is there any plans to make it so you dont have to run in compablity mode on the retail version of the game? And its not really a problem but just asking Thanks for replies in advance. Hugh
  3. They should make next FM closed/open beta before demo is released next time, like FMLive was. Submit bugs button, get feedback off players, would have really helped on the demo release which I had a few issues with.
  4. 389 Million?

    Screenshot? lol, seems abit much !
  5. Asap, got bored of FM08 and no desire to load it no so looking forward to fresh changes and new features so midnight when it goes up
  6. Will be around same specs as 2008 tbh, Maybe abit higher but not alot, Any modern system can run it np