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  1. Im about 3 months into my first season and motoring along quite nicely at the top of the league. Only signed Delli Alli who im slowly integrating into some first team action. For anyone that has a save 2-3 season in, im wondering which youngsters I should look to concentrate on and which ones are better to be moved on? How do Ojo, Sinclair, Ibe, Wilson look a few seasons in?
  2. Hoping the board can maybe guide me in the right direction in improving the quality of my regens. Currently in the 4th season of a Real Madrid save and as yet have not had one really stand out regen come through my youth system. I have have extensive youth recruitment, excellent junior coaching and the best Head of Youth development in the game in Filippo Galli. Not really sure if im missing something obvious that I could improve on.
  3. I have used this formation with my real madrid team with great success. I think the key to this formation working is having a solid defensive base with the back 6 (back 4 and 2 CM). I have both my midfielders set as CM with one on defend and one on support. I set the CM and my back four to mark tightly. I also give the CMd the instruction to pass shorter with CMs to pass more direct. I use an IFa on the left and therefore make my DL on support. on the opposite wing I have a winger support with DR on attack. This gives the option for overlaps to occur without having the instruction on. My one problem I cant seem to fix with this formation is getting the lone forward to score a lot of goals. I have Lewandowski and Morata in this position and have tried AF and CF. They both get about 15-20 a season but my advanced midfielders score a lot more to make up for it.
  4. Not had the best start in a Liverpool save i started with the demo. Seems to be taking forever for the team to become familiar with tactic. Im at the end of Sept with the team only half familiar despite having match prep high on tactics only. is this a bug or a new part of the tactics
  5. In work so cant post screens, but just wanted to say what a great tactic this is. Finally a plug and play tactic for us players that dont have hours to devote to devising and testing tactics. I started a save with Red Bull Salzburg and managed to get them into the Champions League group stages finishing a very close 3rd which got me into the Europa League. I had a dream run in the Europa League and managed to scrape a 3-2 win over the mighty Liverpool in the final. On top of that I managed to win the Austrian League and Cup double. I did this using just the tactic with no changes and signing just a couple of DM`s. All round top top tactic
  6. Stupid question alert! Where do you go to see how well your team has gelled? I know where to see how they are reacting to the tactic being trained but cant fubnd where you see how well gelled the team is?
  7. Is it possible you could upload your tweaked version of this tactic?
  8. Keep match prep on 50% with tactics only and training at very high on team cohesion. Your team will get there!
  9. Just took over a relegated stoke side (season 2) so going to give this a whirl. In the cm role, you have them set as advanced playmakers, do you use regular mc's or amc's?
  10. I got rid of Cole and Henderson, their wages were crippling the club. As much as I hate it, i think ill have to get rid of Carra at the end of the season too.
  11. Forbthos struggling with getting their teams gelled, set your training to team cohesion and match training to tactics only. Worked well for me.
  12. Im using Suarez in the AMCL and Gerrard in the AMC position. Both work well with Gerrard getting world player of the year in my first season! Allen is definitely worth keeping but Shelvey is more of a back up player for me. Good work on the filters Braumiller, definitely helps!
  13. Having great success with this tactic on my liverpool save. Including pre-season games im 20 games into the season with 18 wins, 1 draw and 1 defeat away to chelsea when I had injuries. This is suited to liverpool given their lack of out and out strikers. Suarez and Borini both fit into this sytsem nicely. Raheem Steling is an absolute beast in the AMCR position. For some reason im getting a lot of injuries to my defenders, not sure whether this is a bug or just bad luck. Anyways kudos to Braumiller for creating a great tactic.
  14. I've found changing corners to 6 yard box helps. You wont score a bag full from corners just a few more. Anyone had any luck using shouts with this tactic?
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