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  1. One feature to add is when a member of your coaching staff moves on to be a manager elsewhere they should use their relationship with you to come back for loans from you
  2. Meet Serio he is my first multi coloured player, currently he is red, but I have had him in blue, green and purple Wonder what colour he will be next, I've not seen him in the ME yet to see if the colour is represented there too
  3. Strange question just finished a league season where an English team won the champions league and also won the premier league so i was expecting the 5th place team to qualify for the ECC but the game gave it to 6th place over them The 5th place team were runner up in both cups to the same team that also qualified for the ECC So the question is why did they not award 5th place with the ECC slot
  4. Lots of players already have preferred numbers for shirts, it would be nice if you gave a player a number that didn't have a preferred choice and they started always wanting that number not just for your team but in their career if they move on Sorry if its already been mentioned
  5. Tactics are brill, very attacking creating loads of chances. Just wish the wingers would play some square balls when they get inside the box So many time they shoot wide when a square ball to a forward on the six yard box would score
  6. Just made a small tweak to this tactic and the first to games have been 6 - 0 and 7 - 2 All I did was pull the middle midfielder to the DMC position as a DLP and then change the left CM to AP att
  7. Not sure if its been mentioned before but it would be nice if players over time started having the squad number you give them to become their preferred choice
  8. I haven't read through all 25 pages but when a player comes to you saying that he wants first team action, we should have a reply "Get match fit and we will see" Players complaining about not being picked but they aren't getting match fit
  9. Have you tried a mirror of this formation? My squad my could possibly suit it the other way round
  10. Hi, Love the tactic, but I had to make a slight tweak to suit my squad. I dropped the middle striker to the AMC position with a farrow I still use the main tactic if I have to chase a lead and I can bring on an extra striker
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