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  1. If I buy the game on Stadia (not a subscription), will I then have the possibility to play the game on any computer without downloading anything? Or is this feature for subscribed customers only?
  2. Yes, I do. I have an attacking tactic which is the first screenshot of this thread...and it works amazing against any team except the top 6 teams. That's why I want to create a more defensive/balanced tactic to improve my results against top 6. As I wrote earlier: "Then I have played 21 matches in Premier League with 16 wins, 4 draws and only 1 loss against the other teams in the league. Total score is 46 for and 11 against! In all of these matches I have used my attacking tactic both home and away."
  3. Yes, I can Therefore, I have now played another season with a slightly more tweaked tactic which is shown below. The results were not that great with no away wins in 9 matches! A: Chelsea 0-0 A: Chelsea 1-1 A: Liverpool 1-1 A: Liverpool 0-2 A: Man City 3-3 N: Man City 1-1 A: Man Utd 1-1 A: Tottenham 0-4 A: Tottenham 0-2 0 wins, 6 draws, 3 losses. Score: 7-15. Should I look at player roles in order to optimize the tactic?
  4. Hey fellow FM gamers! I have an issue with the big teams in my league. I'm managing Arsenal for the fourth season in a row and I have had one continous problem since I took over: Beating the top 6 teams! At home I can get some good results, but away I have only won once in four seasons. Not acceptable even though it's very realistic compared to the real life Arsenal These are the results from THIS seasons matches against the top sides both home and away in all competitions: H: Tottenham 1-1 (used my attacking tactic) H: Liverpool 0-1 (used my attacking tactic) A: Chelsea 2-3 (u
  5. Oh no, I got the sack at Dortmund after miserable spring. With 10 matches left I had 1 point to the top, but in these 10 matches I only won 1. Anyway, regarding to Mario Götze's performances. They were the same after changing the tactic (to the first suggestions at the top). His performances weren't bad at all because he put in stable performances and had a good passing rate with a match rating at around 6.8-6.9! But it annoyed me a lot because he is the main man at the team and I wanted him to be more crucial regarding key passes and assists. I think a player of his caliber and his playe
  6. Passing into space - I have this setting because I want to take advantage of my striker's pace. But I will remove the setting and try it out. Narrow width - I have this setting because I had the intention to bring my two wingers close to the center of the pitch. Maybe I'm misinterpreting the idea of the setting...so I will try using a normal/wider width hoping the it would suit Götze as well. I will let you know how it goes later today (or tomorrow morning)!
  7. Hey all! Dortmund's good old Mario Götze is not performing so well at my Dortmund side. He's ratings are stable, but very basic, due to lack of end product. How can I improve his ratings and end product? I have tried using him as a AMC (support) without luck. I have attached some images!
  8. How do I add my custom database/league (editor data) in FM 2017? Maybe it's impossible while in BETA mode?
  9. @Özil - Seems like a very interesting tactic! Can you post a screenshot of your players match / goal / assist statistics? Thanks!
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