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  1. I have this issue on the same tablet. I found that it was actually registering my tap about an inch or 2 to the right of where I was pressing. Trial and error meant I was able to save the game, then restart to avoid losing anything
  2. My board agreed to upgrade the training facilities, with a completion date of 15 October. However I'm currently at 24 October and they still haven't improved. See screenshot below - the bar is completely green but I have received no notification of improvement, they are still basic and no money has gone from my finances https://imgur.com/a/N7KITF9
  3. Hi @Declan Holbem - the 2 extra columns were current ability and potential ability (can't remember the exact names - the ones with 5 stars)
  4. This makes sense - there are only 5 subs in the league competition I'm currently in which is why I notice the difference. It has also meant that the custom columns I put in no longer completely fit and I can't see the final 2 unless I scroll to the right. Unfortunately I don't have a screenshot from before the update.
  5. Sure - here https://imgur.com/a/FoT64jc I'm on a Samsung Tab A 10.5 Thanks for any help!
  6. My app updated itself on Android, and the font size seems to ha e changed and got bigger. Now the whole team and subs bench doesn't fit on the one screen, and the custom views I had set up no-longer fit all the columns. I can't see any option to change font size anywhere - am I being blind? On the plus side, the match engine is a lot smoother now
  7. Has anyone been playing Touch 19 on the Galaxy Tab A 10.5? I'm looking to pick one up so wondered how quickly it ran, how good the 3D match engine looked on it, etc. All comments welcome!
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