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  1. I was having trouble with this, but I've just started a new game with Hull in League One. Several of the players have the Crosses Early trait. I play with Wide Midfielders rather than Wingers, both having Cross From Deep and Cross More Often PIs (and same for both full backs on Support) and TI Hit Early Crosses. I'm seeing a lot of early crosses either directly resulting in a goal, or a goal is scored from a rebound or a header back across goal. AF has 10 goals in 10 games so far, with 7 from crosses. I've also seen my CM hitting early crosses if they are out wide.
  2. If this is in the wrong section I apologise (I've been playing since Championship Manager 93, so I'm getting on a bit ). One thing with the player positions I'd like to see is more of a blank canvas. In CM I can put a player on CM support and tweak his instructions. There isn't really this option with strikers. Most hold the ball up or move into channels. The poacher doesn't have the option to add dribble more. I'd like to be able to have a striker that doesn't hold the ball up or move into channels, but still likes to dribble. What I mean is (sorry, 5th week of lockdown and I've had a skinfull) is would it be possible to have a generic position for all 11 positions. If you want to pick a BPD, an AF or a Vol than great, but I'd like the option to tailor make each position if possible.
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