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  1. I'm having the exact same issue. I haven't played for s few months so started a new save with the most recent updates and both the 2d match engine and 3d replays have become laggy until I pause then unpause.
  2. I'd love to be able to consider them bargains.
  3. Now then, started up a save tonight, didn't get very far just a few friendlies, i'm going to start fresh tomorrow night. I've always struggled with tactics so any advice on that front would be appreciated. I signed Adam Campbell on loan from Newcastle and in the few games he played he was excellent.
  4. Its going pretty well for me, my central striker gets the majority of my goals.
  5. yeah i sacked it off after getting turned over in pre-season, oddly i'm more solid with just three at the back.
  6. I'm at my wits end with this game, this is probably going to be me last attempt to survive past December before my laptop goes out the window. Has anyone had any success with playing 5 at the back? And if so do you have any tips for making it work? Cheers
  7. I've managed to get this guy to agree to have talks with me (early December 1st season). does anyone know what kind of wages is hes after? i don't want to **** him off and i dont want to offer a 15 year old £20000 a week. cheers
  8. started a new save and played through a few friendlies and i'm liking it. one major thing I've noticed is that free kicks are flying in, i can't remember my team scoring free kicks before the update, i thought it was down to my poor players, now i'm scoring one a game. cant decided if this is positive or negative.
  9. is anyone else having this problem? https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/--jwOAqoxwOU/UJfgvn_ALaI/AAAAAAAAADM/zro_AYuGViM/s912/Leeds%2520United%2520Under%252018s_%2520Squad%2520Players.png
  10. Has anyone found a way to stop the opposition from scoring from balls crossed to the back post? it seems that every game the opposition bends a ball beautifully to an unmarked player on the back post. would zonal marking help prevent this?
  11. No I am, it won't let me change shouts either, the drop down box appears but I can't click anything, I'll post a screenshot next time it happens.
  12. No it lasted the whole game, happened once after I'd shouted and in another game after a player came off injured.
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