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  1. Okay so the cheapest way is going out and buying the physical game if I want to play it today?
  2. Hi, I think this might be a silly question, im not sure. I want to get FM2014 this afternoon but is the only way to play it instantly if I buy it through Steam, or can I buy it online on another site and download it straight away? I ask because Steam isnt the cheapest, for example ASDA online is cheaper but it says collect in store or deliver. Thanks.
  3. Cheers guys, I have located it. As my laptop has an odd screen size in windowed mode it made it impossible to see.
  4. I cant find the screen where your board list how many staff you can hire? Is this still on FM2013? It usually appears as a list with a number of allowed and then the number you have actually got. For example Coaches, allowed #, hired#. Im sure it's a silly question but I swear I have been through every page and cant locate it. Thanks!
  5. More relationship with chairmen...maybe meetings where you discuss targets and what not... When subbing a player on you can say something inspirational... Agents play a much bigger part in game... Better quality Of regens... Less Bugs... Less silly transfer fees... Most of these things have been said but it i beleive these things would make an amazing game a bit better...
  6. When you contemplate splitting up with your girlfriend just so you can play football amanger religiously before she came along! In the end i made the right decision...I won the F.A cup last week with Swansea...I really miss what was her name? Bogdan Stancu?.?.?.? Oh Well!
  7. I personally would love to see the national management improved. At the moment you hardly do anything. You pick the squad and then pick the team. Even if you just added a bit more interaction with managers or more importantly training. It needs a big look at imo. There are other improvement i would like but they have all been mentioned i.e agents, interaction with players, matchday tactics and talkin with players! Best game i have ever played mind you!
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