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  1. Buying FM2014

    Thanks guys, appreciate the help.
  2. Buying FM2014

    Okay so the cheapest way is going out and buying the physical game if I want to play it today?
  3. Hi, I think this might be a silly question, im not sure. I want to get FM2014 this afternoon but is the only way to play it instantly if I buy it through Steam, or can I buy it online on another site and download it straight away? I ask because Steam isnt the cheapest, for example ASDA online is cheaper but it says collect in store or deliver. Thanks.
  4. I cant find...

    Cheers guys, I have located it. As my laptop has an odd screen size in windowed mode it made it impossible to see.
  5. I cant find the screen where your board list how many staff you can hire? Is this still on FM2013? It usually appears as a list with a number of allowed and then the number you have actually got. For example Coaches, allowed #, hired#. Im sure it's a silly question but I swear I have been through every page and cant locate it. Thanks!
  6. Screen Question

    Had a search and still cant see a solution. Should I give up?
  7. Screen Question

    Any chance of a solution? Cheers
  8. Hello, New FM is enjoyable but I cant play it in windowed mode without losing a bit of the game screen (for example if i play windowed when setting up training i cant see workload slider). I have toggled around with my screen resolution but that doesnt work as it messes up my layout. Im playing it on a laptop with 1366 x 768...Is there any way round this? I hate not having it windowed...And if it is windowed I cant see bottom buttons! Any help would be appreciated!
  9. Terminating Loan's

    I just sent him back, Interesting that you say you could send them back in a transfer window, I am currently in January and the option has appeared. I am unaware if this is a rule or not, I have looked but have found no answer as of yet, would be good to get some official SI correspondence on this.
  10. Terminating Loan's

    All done, cheers buddy, Still would be good to find out if it is an official bug!
  11. Terminating Loan's

    How do I go about using FMRTE?
  12. Terminating Loan's

    I have just brought in a replacement for Rose who is another loan but only on a three month deal and there is still no option to terminate loan.
  13. Terminating Loan's

    It does seem a little odd to me, Would be good to get an official answer wether it is right that it is not possible or if it potentially is a bug
  14. Terminating Loan's

    Yeah I see but I brought in these 4 lad's, and there was no fee involved Just wondering if it's a possible bug...