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  1. I paid £29.74 for it at bundlestars. Got an instant steam key and beta access when available. I then profited with the currently cheap UK pound to AU$ exchange rate. Cost me less than $50 aussie dollars.
  2. If you bring up the scouted team page, there is an tab option menu up the top of the page "Team Reports"->"Senior Squad" -> "Team Depth Chart" as well as all the other scouted information.
  3. On my save 2014 - Spain won against Croatia 2-1. Russia came 3rd and Argentina came 4th. England got knocked out in the second round against Brazil.
  4. Same thing happened to me. Started a new new fm14 season. Signed a few free transfers on key player wages in and had them come to the team. Now I can't sign any more players for more than $2.5k wages. Still got heaps left in the wages budget and over 30 million sitting in the transfer budget but can't spend any of it because I can't sign anyone. The wages budget/transfer budget slide is greyed out as well.
  5. In-Store Prices

    Here in Australia: J&B Hifi wanted $79 (51.40 British pounds) EB Games wanted $88 (57.25 British pounds) I bought mine from steam for $40
  6. I'm on 2013-2014 season on my game and although its early in the season, they are a mid table team in the coca cola 1. They are left with about 8 regular first team players, 4 loaners, and the rest grey regens. At least now they have no debts. As long as they don't get too many injuries, they might avoid being relegated to league 2.
  7. Your best goal god

    My creative force for my team. A regen I bought cheap as a 16 yo youngster with a PA of198! Scores well and gives good assists for the rest of the team. I have him set up in my tactics as a "complete forward". If only he could pass a bit better. My other striker (another regen) doesn't have the stats of Sam, but has 56 goals from 48 matches from sitting near the penalty box as a poacher.
  8. Funny Screenshots Thread

    A goalie that thinks he's a midfielder. Problem is he is on my team. :o