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  1. Are they really going to fine parents for refusing to send their kids to school in March when it reopens? lol
  2. Its a half ass job and just the bare minimum to get the country to open again. Either you do a job proper, get everyone vaccinated, 2nd dose for the vulnerable etc or not open up at all. No point patching up the issue and hoping for the best, giving false hopes to people. Just do the job properly so we don't end up in square one again where we have to close the country down to sort the mess out.
  3. Surely school kids and teacher are no way near being vaccinated yet so opening them up WILL increase hospitalisation and death numbers either directly or indirectly because they would be mixing and spreading it. Its not just about hospital numbers and deaths. Long Covid is also an issue that will increase hospital numbers. Its all a bit backwards again, letting those who are not vaccinated free to roam around. Rather we get everyone vaccinated and then open up, lease there is a some sort of protection
  4. Honestly think schools opening up way too early. Thats only next month. Has teachers even been vaccinated yet?
  5. Everyone I know seem to be getting the Oxford vaccine and at 4 months apart. While the numbers of infections are getting lower, mainly because of lockdown. I hold judgment until the big release. The only thing I don't like is the talk of coming out of lockdown at a time when half the country has not been vaccinated. We all know what its like when someone smells freedom, suddenly everyone is entitled to it. We really need to get it right this time around especially with the help of a vaccine rather waste another half year of lockdown just to find out that the vaccine we had and the gap
  6. Been told I have to take all of my 18 days annual leave this month or risk losing them and there's me thinking I had it all worked out by saving them to use at the last minute because by then we will be back to normal. So now I have to use them during lockdown....*sign* Roll on the marathons of TV series.
  7. This is a good thread. I can never maintain the live herbs from supermarkets. Always end dead or develop mould for some reason?
  8. Keep posting these pics love seeing people do DIY. You need to check out oakwood garden rooms on youtube.
  9. I thought schools were suppose to be closed? Saw a lot of school kids walking to school today like it's was a normal day? Also I drove to the petrol station forthrfirst time in months and was stuck in traffic like it was rush hour? This was at 330?
  10. Those are disgusting numbers, but no surprise given the Governments willingness to let people mix during Christmas and expanding the spread of the new variant. However we have been averaging around 50-60k the last few weeks? Is this not weird to anyone?
  11. If get 11,780 to vote for Trump surley he will become PM?
  12. Shambles on the following:- 3rd lockdown at the last minute. (Called it November this will happen). Track and trace not working Continiuing flip flopping of advise. Announcing things at 8pm and I will say the delivery of vaccine/mix and matching of vaccinations will be the next shambles to arise from this. No doubt we will end up vaccinating people again because we missed the window to it propery the first time around. China has 3 billion people and have no way ordered as mainly vaccinations as we have. Absolute **** show. Great start to the year.
  13. All supermarket website down now. Everyone panic buying.
  14. He was saying it was safe yesterday. oh how things quickly change. What an idiot.
  15. Yesterday it was safe to go to school. Now its a national lockdown.
  16. Absolute shambles. Still not a decision made and just basically pushing the decision back to the public to sort it out.
  17. It doesn't go in class rooms but resides in corridors so remember kids wear mask on when you leave the classroom.
  18. Yea but they had to work longer hours during the week to accumulate that so they would have spent the hours anyway. Probably not explaining it properly but I rather someone pay me for the extra time rarther being given time to use. You could accumulate hours and days throughout the year and you'll have to spend your annual leave anyway but having the extra time is useless unless you have some money to spend the time on to enjoy it. You can't get that in a public sector job. The pension doesn't really offset it either. Technically the extra time during the week is overtime and the flexi is
  19. The pension only becomes decent when you start earning a decent amount ie when you become a higher grade. The average public sector wage is lower than most occupations of the same level and so the pension rate doesn't compensate for it. The perks that the public sector has is the flexibility but that flexibility is time being claimed back rather time in money which most private sectors offer. I kind of see why some people are so military about stopping their work dead on 7.24 because anything after that it just time they have to use but they would just use that time anyway so it's not re
  20. Heck a lot of fireworks going off around me for a city in suppose 'lockdown' as off midnight now.
  21. Just seen on TV crowds of people celebrating New Years on the streets of China and here I am sat at home posting on here. Done nothing all day beside go for the odd walk to keep my sanity. Neighbors seems to be having some sort of get together.
  22. It's like they want us to become infected with how the they design the rules and implement the vaccine. 🤔
  23. How on earth are we averaging 50,000 new cases everyday for the last 2 weeks? It helps to disperse particles so your not breathing in a load of covid. My missus kicked off at her work place for not allowing her to sit near window and have it open when she was told to go back in office in early Decembe. They told her that it wouldn't have been particular as everyone would be complaining of cold and it wouldn't be reasonable to get everyone to wear coats all day plus the heating bills. She refused to go in without having those conditions because she was scared the air con/hea
  24. I hate wearing them mainly because my hair is too long at the ears that it pushes my mask off. Also they stream up my glasses. But I'll wear it for the sake of not catching anything. To be fair because I have to wear a mask out it has stopped me going out more even if it's for 5 for minutes as I throw away my mask after each use which seems like a waste of money.
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