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  1. It goes to show how bad it is when you have Southgate as favorite.
  2. Only Rashford trying to win the rest want the final whistle
  3. Rashford taking the corner cos nobody can be arsed.
  4. Rooney off so they decided to play for a lost?
  5. Dier, Strurridge, Hart has has been rubblish
  6. Embarrassment this. Kane has been poor, Ali has been poor, Sterling has been poor and the rest are worst then poor.
  7. Funny how England Fans are always in the middle of it but never their fault.
  8. Pushing up against us only creates space for Vardy to run into. The problem is Sterling will drift wide and cut off Rose bombing forward. Lallana isnt that good in front of goal and wont run at defenders so Kane is too isolated.
  9. Fighting in the stadium by England fans. SMH
  10. Why can't we play this? --r------Smalling----Cahill---- Walker----------------------Rose -------Alle-----------Dier -------------Rooney -----Kane---Vardy----Strurridge
  11. England fans going to trash France tonight. Can see another riot going on.
  12. Typical England this. 2nd half no one can be arsed. Lallana off Sturridge on please.
  13. If Van Gaal does that more often. Get off his seat I mean the crowd would react more and the players will push themselves harder.
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