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    Rushden, Northants

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    AFC Rushden & Diamond
  1. Those stupid things we do.

    I used to always forget to put my best players back into my starting 11 after a cup game
  2. The Worst Team

    Hereford United, found it impossible to win with them!! And I consider myself a fairly decent manager. Started a new save, and have only lost two games in two years, with about 8 games left of my second season to go(not with Hereford, by the way)
  3. Who are you?

    I'm Rushden & Diamonds, currently 9th in the Blue Square Bet Premier, haven't conceeded a goal in about 6 matches
  4. Backroom Advice missing...

    Its not on mine either, I hope they bring it back, as I find it useful, and don't have the best memory for remembering what advice is given!! lol
  5. Wigan 4 Birmingham 0 I was bottom of the premier league, with Birmingham 19th, told my players I expected them to win, changed a few players, and told them to counter attack, and ended up beating Birmingham with ease.
  6. how did you get all the extra leagues, and cups etc?
  7. Your Bogey Team & Lucky Team?

    Tottenham seem to be my bogey team...seem to be the hardest team to beat in the game for me anyway.
  8. Offsides and 1 on 1 misses

    In my Watford save I had THREE dissalowed goals in one game, all for offsides, sufice to say I was less than happy!!!!