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    liverpool,st mirren
  1. anyone for a game?

    as the title says anyone for a game?
  2. tranfering files

    yeah cant find it mate
  3. si wont answer you trust me
  4. anyhope with the facegen failed to inixialize as im on my mates pc and he cant get it working si give us a good answer please
  5. tranfering files

    ok if i can find it lol
  6. does anyone know how to transfer the save file from the demo to full game
  7. haha and did you fix them sarah
  8. haha this is hilarious forums instead of game si crack me up hey sega stick to sonic
  9. firt people were complaining about the demo and now complaining about this it just makes me laugh that the same people that said there not going to buy it bought it and it has just not worked out im happy i didnt buy it and now laughing in si games face i feel sorry for the people having problems i really do talk about the credit crunch si have made it worse for people with the peoblems
  10. Form

    shuld be suggested to si to be put as an option patch
  11. Best team for demo

    that was his question budjet so dont judge me lol
  12. Kids Nowadays - Don't know yer born

    thats classic great point
  13. Help needed please!

    laptops cannot run different graphic cards they can only have intergrated ones sorry mate