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  1. Interesting. In FM2015, I definitely found a player on the wrong side would be much less likely to come inside and more likely to hold position or go down the right.
  2. Depending on PPM and strength of his left foot, but yeah, generally expect him to be more likely to stay on his right foot and in wider areas than if he was a left footer.
  3. This is true, but my lack of ability to offer IF forward advice lead to an alternative. They should, in theory, be making the right type of runs, in behind a dropped off forward. Ofc, the opposition full backs should be able to sit narrower restricting the space, but I figured it might be worth trying for a game or 2 (or even a half, if just to eliminate the idea). I've never been able to consistently been able to get IFs to play the way he wants and he's get a ton on different advice, so I considered a fairly simplistic idea that can be quickly incorporated into his existing tactical vision.
  4. Understood. I've yet to utilize IFs in FM2016 and completely abandoned trying to use them in FM2015, so I'm certainly to expert on their usage. The IF(S) role seems to suggest they will act in a behavior that you desire, but in FM2015 I also found them incredibly frustrating, so took on a tactical overhaul and dismissed the position completely. So, in theory, how do we get wide players to hold a wider position until the time is right to make an infield run looking for the space in behind the retreated F9? A very difficult task I'm sure, timing is everything and it's probably not something we can expect to be overly successful given it's reliance on 2 or 3 players making the correct off the ball movements simultaneously and the ball player making a good decision to complete the through ball. However, as you haven't mentioned the F9 much, and in the example shown he does appear to be dropping off and dragging a defender out, I'll assume he's doing his role pretty well. So, we could try playing the wide players as Raumdeuter. He should hold a wider position and when space opens up around the box, make moves into it. As a defensive player, he'll probably offer little, but the role may be better suited to what your looking for in the attacking 3rd. I've tried and failed to utilize IFs in FM, so unfortunately I'm not full of advice on how to get them to play the role you desire. The Raumdeuter idea is fairly speculative, but comes with logical thinking. Someone (yourself?) whom has used them may be able to shoot down the idea.
  5. Ok, I'll reiterate that I haven't read every word of every response, so maybe I missed something. We are now willing to accept that there may be a logical in game reason for Samper choosing, what you consider, perhaps the 3rd best passing option open to him, so we'll go ahead and move past that. I don't mind the pass to the oncoming full back, you hate it. Each to his own. Maybe I thinking about the latter day Xavi. He was a bit of a glorified possession keeper towards the end. So, and apologies if this has been detailed above, but what is it you're looking for from your attacking wide players? What's your vision for your tactic?
  6. Honestly, I think the passive aggressive tone of the title was a bad way to start. It suggests that you're not really looking for answers, but rather being sarcastic. I think there are some solid tips, you could try 1 or 2 tweaks based on what you're reading here and report back. First things first, try benching Samper and replacing him with someone without that PPM and switch to AP to see if there's any change to the behavior over a period of a few games. If not, you may have to look at a more detailed tactical adjustment.
  7. Watch some old Barca games. Xavi, and Barca in general don't play a ton of what we would consider through balls from 30 yards out. They do, however, love to utilize Dani Alves.....the right full back. Iniesta is/was more likely to attempt the through ball, but I don't think we'd ever consider him a DLP. It's the wrong role and wrong player to achieve what you want. Find yourself a AP that likes to play through balls and adjust from your possession based instructions, or at least adjust PIs to suit your needs. There really aren't any tactical geniuses in FM. We all try a variety of different things in an attempt to achieve our goals. See the 4-5-1 thread for example. It looks like that formation may be a complete bust, but we've tried and tested a variety of different roles, TIs and PIs with limited success. I've since abandoned the formation, but I still have the same goals. What you think should work and how it actually plays out are often different, so we must adjust. PPMs are a really big deal in FM. A player will almost certainly ignore other instructions if he has his own way that he's married to. The biggest adjustment you may need to make is to find an alternative to Samper, or adjust your tactic to better suit him.
  8. Nothing more to see here. Multiple logical reasons given, the OP isn't actually interested in hearing them. I wish my playmakers would spray the ball wide to completely open advancing full backs instead of the narrow pass where all the defenders are. Man, I'd score a lot more goals. Something I'm actively working on
  9. It's quite clear in the first screen shot that he is the most open, advancing player. Every other player either have defenders in their immediate proximity or are in the process of being closed down. The right full back is coming in on the blindside, apparently unnoticed. There's logic to the pass. Perhaps the through ball would be the "better" option, but you have a player who's instructed to try risky passes only sometimes and his PPM will mean he's often looking to spray it across field into wide areas. This has already been explained and could well be the most obvious answer. On top of that possibility, if you are playing a possession based tactic (which I think you are?), then players will be more likely to look for a possession maintaining pass. The pass to the full back should be a fairly simple one, I'm guessing Samper under hit it on this occasion. Feel free to hate the execution, but it happens. Again, players aren't robots, sometimes they may choose what you deem to be the "wrong" option. It could also be this straight forward.
  10. Unsurprising results I suppose. The striker is still isolated. The wide midfielders are attempting the long angled passes rather than playing keep ball and utilizing the wing backs. When the wing backs do get into an advanced position and receive the ball, they tend to dwell and lose possession, so it's tweak time already. TIs: Higher Tempo Shorter passing Slightly higher line Hit early crosses The build up is a little on the slow side, too much dwelling on the ball. Still looking to develop a more possession based tactic, but there's a combination of slow play resulting in loss of possession and too many long balls from my wide midfielders with the same results. The TI work ball into the box is possibly a problem and needs to go. On top of the Tis we'll adjust the following. DR/L: We'll switch to FB(A). We should still see plenty of advanced play with this role, but hopefully a quicker delivery when the receive the ball. MR/L: We'll switch back to WM(A). I want to eliminate the long angled through ball. On top of the TI shorter passing, this should help prevent wasteful long passes to the lone forward.
  11. The full back is the least covered player and moving into an attacking position. I understand you're just desperate for people to tell you you're right, but that's not really the case. On top of that, the game is meant to represent real life, players aren't robots. Sometimes, even top class players make the wrong decision, you could quite easily just write it off to that.
  12. I haven't read every word of every response, but I read a few then skimmed. From what I can see based purely on the picture provided: 1/ The 2 most advanced players are pretty well covered. Top of the screen is being well marked, bottom has managed to get the inside track, but has 2 defenders in his immediate vicinity. Neither of these players look like good options. 2/ We have a player standing statically in an advanced position ahead of Samper and to his left. Samper is headed more the other way and the angle has been closed off by the defender approaching Samper. Clearly not an likely option. 3/ The F9. This player has dropped off to find a bit of space, though the defender is making moves to close him down. The F9 is clearly a better option than what I've listed above, but his back is to the goal and he is being closed down, so what next? 4/ The full back, the pass Samper executes. Well, the full back is coming in on the blindside in acres of space, with no defender appearing to be paying any attention. Couple that with Samper's PPM, and I think it's pretty obvious why this was the choice. I mean, why would he not attempt that pass?
  13. Inspired by this thread, I've put together a few attempts of the 4-5-1 with similar ideas to the OP. The one recurring issue is that I'm find the forward is always isolated and the more attack minded midfielders resort to attempting longer balls up to him. 2 defenders v 1 forward without immediate support doesn't often end well. I'm creating little and not keeping the ball particularly well. Any thoughts of a 4-5-1 tactic being successful without focusing on a patient, slow build up have been put to bed. Getting the ball forward with any kind of speed isolates the forward and doesn't allow the attacking midfielders time to get up in support, and the full backs, coming from their deep position aren't getting the opportunity to do their primary role, create from wide positions. Keeping passing short isn't getting it done, too much space between midfield and the forward. So, the vision has changed somewhat. he 4-5-1 in 2016, with the right squad, needs to be a possession tactic. Here's where I'm starting from: GK: We are now building more slowly from the back, so looking to roll it out. The GK should never go long in a 4-5-1. If I find this slows the build up too much, we can make an adjustment to short kick, so that the starting position is slightly further up the pitch. DC: We don't really want ball players here. Find one of your midfielders and let them do their job. BPD may attempt too many longer passes. To reiterate, I don't believe this is a viable option with a lone striker with no immediate support. DR/L: Our wide defenders are still a vital part of the attack, I used them to great effect in a 5-3-2 in FM15. Given, with 3 DCs and a regista, my tactic from last year had much more protection on offer, but it still allowed an attacking 6. (I've tried and failed to recreate this concept for FM2016). In FM2016, it appears that width is too important. Allowing our WBs so much freedom to move forward will almost certainly leave the defense vulnerable, something that I'll continue to monitor. MC: So, with the defense clearly open to vulnerability, we definitely need a midfielder who's main focus is to offer them some protection. As previously mentioned, I'm not a huge fan of DLP (D) here, they don't seem to offer much anywhere using this tactical setup. I'll assume, most teams will try to get through my 5 man midfield quickly once they have possession. If they hold up the ball too long and allow me to retreat, there will be nowhere to go. So, I want my most defensive minded midfielder to be aggressive. I want him to get in there before the opposition forward(s) has the opportunity to control, turn or do whatever. We'll try a ball winner here. This player will be our central of the 3. He can aid in muscling out a deep lying lone striker or put a number 10 under immediate pressure. I don't want him going after a number 8 or number 6 midfielder, so I'll definitely start him as a BWM (D) MC2: So, these are going to be the more creative/supporting midfielders. We'll use an AP(A). He's less likely to take long range shots than a CM(A), and will hold onto the ball a little more. This player should still look to play cross field passes to an advancing WB or play it into the channel for the striker when the opportunity is there. You can't win games by simply keeping the ball, occasionally a higher risk longer pass will be on and this is, theoretically, the role to use. MC3: We have our sitting player and we have our supporting maestro. As a possession based tactic, I think I want a fairly static supporting player who will primarily recycle possession and be an available out for the more attacking minded players when the forward or wide ball isn't really on. A good old fashioned CM(S) seems like the obvious choice. MR/L: These guys are often a trick, so many FMers struggle (myself included, see 5-3-2 tactic reference above ) to find the most effective way to use their wide players. We''ll start with WM(S) here. They will sit a little narrower than a winger, allowing them to link up easily with their teammates and leave space for the WB to move into. I don't really want them attempting too many "risky" passes, thus why I'm not using them in an attack role, but I'll use the PI "get forward more often" in hope that they'll still push into the box. STC: Obviously we want a guy to bang in a few goals, but his primary role will be to bring others into play during build up then attack the box. So, almost certainly a supporting role will be used. We'll start with DLF (S). It's description suits what we want from him. There's no number 10 in this formation, so there should be space for him to drop into, and if his movement is good, he should be able to make the most of it. He can play it back into midfield, try through passes into one of the oncoming WMs or spread it wide to an advancing WB before hitting the box. That's the theory, we'll see. Obviously, the right player is required to pull this off effectively. So, there are the basic roles I'm going to begin with. In terms of team instructions, I'm going to start with standard and fluid. Lot's of movement within the 4-5-1. I'll push "slightly higher" in an attempt to keep the gaps between defense, midfield and attack closer and "work ball into the box" in an attempt to keep possession in the final 3rd until the right runs are made. That's the idea in theory. Could be a disaster, or I could be a genius.
  14. Does anyone not do it? Just another unnecessary extra box to tick. Make it a little news story after he signs. "Club captain __________ is happy to welcome ____________ to the squad and introduce him to the players". Or eliminate it completely from the game.
  15. Do you have a screenshot? I'm have a difficult time picturing what screen is still telling you a bid was rejected.
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