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  1. It is frustrating when you are constantly reloading as there is one team you really want and it has a low rep........
  2. With Drop Deeper, I was attempting to create space for my players to go forward in to. What would you suggest in it's place? CM/A
  3. So I was getting sacked in the last game due to exceptionally poor form, therefore I have started again with West Ham and continue what i started. This is my new version. Thoughts?
  4. I agree with a lot of this. However, Would an AP/s provide much defensive stability though? Currently have Ganso as my main starter and the only tackle he’s likely to consider is his own.. I have noticed that the CWB’s don’t get towards the byline much even though look for overlap is selected. So maybe change the LB CWB to attack and this will give the AP another outlet to pass to down the left? Because I have a Defensive Mentality I am wary of having to many attacking player mentalities. Or am I being too cautious? Any suggestions for the CF/s up top then? I had him as support to again provide Ganso with some one to pass to who could play the Inside Forwards in. But you are right in thinking he drops off a lot and therefore isn’t always available to cross to when the ball goes out wide.
  5. Hello, I have always either lucked out on a tactic, or used someone elses as a base and adapted it to suit my needs. However I have decided I wanted to create something new. As a base I wanted to do something similar to Cleon and his Defence against the Dark Arts from FM14. However I didn't want to copy it directly as that does nothing for me at the end of the day. I have somewhat "stolen" (don't judge me) the back four and the bulk of the team instructions, but essentially that because I want the team to pass it about at the back between themselves, and then exploit the space behind. Good Things I have lots of possession (over 60%) at times. But possession isn't one of my main goals to be honest with you. While not constantly getting clean sheets. I only seem to concede from screamers and set pieces. Teams have lots of long shots against me. I give up few clear cut chances. Bad Things 80% of my shots are long shots in most games. I do not score many goals. My forward players tend to dribble themselves in to opposition players or just stand there when they have close passing options available. A lot of the times I get in to the oppositions half and then it stops. A player stands there and awaits the inevitable tackle. The Tactic I don't have any PI's except for the GK to pass out to the centre backs. Fixtures What am I after? Well Goals to be honest. My teams crossing is also atrocious, most crosses seem to hit the near post for some reason? No one is set to aim to the near post for crossing. I'm essentially after some suggestions for what to do to improve the attacking side of the tactic without compromising the defensive side entirely. I'm not after some fancy super attacking quick passing style of play. I want to stay defensive and create a few chances up top. If anyone wants to set other screens etc then let me know.
  6. Claassen - If I were to create a smaller Caribbean nations league, would the CFU Championship correctly choose the winner of this competition?
  7. I have two plans. 1. Create a club - Will start with a new Team in Mexico. I will add a couple of inexpensive but promising youngsters in to the mix. Then I will try and see what other players from around the world I can get in to the Mexican national squad. They only take 2 years to gain nationality I believe. I'm doing something similar in the MLS at the moment and a few of Boca Juniors promising youngsters are about to become eligible for the US National Team. 2. International Journeyman - While bored at work I decided to see which teams have never qualified for the African Cup of Nations, Asian Cup etc. I plan to manage as many as possible to make them qualify for their respective continental competition and the world cup. I will try and achieve this with as many as possible.
  8. Well Street in Somerset is believed to be on of the largest villages in the UK. Has a few thousand population. Or Wells in Somerset is one of the smallest cities (It has a cathedral), neither have professional sides. The South West in general is pretty sparse for top level sides.
  9. That's possibly it, in all honesty I'm not sure.
  10. I created a save on my laptop this morning using the guidelines above. I started as one team then changed my mind, so I retired that manager and created a new one at another club. However after saving to the cloud, and shutting down Football Manager on the laptop the save doesn't appear in the cross save section on my Ipad. Is this because the games had two managers in it? I can always create the game again, but I'd started to progress with the save before exiting.
  11. I think it's is doing what's required gradually, I couldn't at 2am this morning, but about 8:30 I tried and it was fine.
  12. Cool. I should have been in bed hours ago myself
  13. Hey V50. How's the Caribbean pack coming along? I have a need to take the BVI to World Cup glory and can't do it without your marvellous pack.
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