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  1. Big thanks for the work with the update, looks really nice. I've encountered a little problem, in the prematch squad selection screen. When I change a player, either putting him on the team, or putting him on the bench, it doesn't sort right. To get it sorted, I have to click away from the prematch screen, and then click back to it, and then it's sorted the team lineup. As you can see in the screendump below, the player with the U, was changed with the player with the with the MV: To get i sorted i have to click away and back again, and then it's sorted, as i seen below: Is this the meaning? Before the patch it autosorted, everytime you changed a player. And i've also noticed, that althoug i've on the tactics screen before the match, unchecked the box with allow a player with 2 goals to take a penalty, it is checked when in match, as seen on the screendump below: Penalty tactics, before the match, as you can see the box is unchecked And then during the match, it's suddenly checked again, despite the settings before the match
  2. I really hope they are considering this, if it is at all possible, in the next patch. I do not like the new match day screen, during or after.
  3. I also have to say, that I find some of the new features in regards to scouting and transfercenter, a step backwards. I like some of the new features in the scouting center, and it made it more realistic, as to the cost of scouting, I cant say if it's realistic or not. But, in earlier FM's, you would get an update from the employed scout's, on which players they would recommend since their last update. This would come as an update, from each of the scout's, and not in a overview screen, like it seems to be doing now. As far as I can see, this is not the case anymore, instead we now have to click through a number of suggestions on players, that aren't really what i've set up in the scouting assignment's. In regards to the transfercenter, it seems that a great feature also has been removed. In earlier FM's, you could see a overview screen in the transfercenter, and if there was bids on a player, you could click through them all, from the overview screen. Maybe it's just me, but in FM18, this seems to be gone, and again, this is also a step backwards. At last, there is the match day experience, that i posted earlier, and others also did, with the removal of the overview screen during and after the match. This also is a step backwards. There are a lot of great new features, and I like FM18, but in order for me to get to love it, I need the things mentioned above, to be fixed (if this is at all possible)
  4. I feel the same way. There are some great new features, and all in all i'm quite excited about FM18, but the missing match overview screen is a step backwards for me to.
  5. For me, it's not just the end of match overview screen, it's also during the match overview screen, as an option instead of 3d. As seen in FM17:
  6. I'm with you on this. I miss the option to choose this. It's fine to watch in 3d and so on, but it's a shame they removed this option
  7. Is the old matchscreen completely gone? I always liked to view the match, using this: In previous versions, you had the option to choose the above matchscreen.
  8. I found it now. Just needed to add it prematch, during the match, it's there.
  9. I don't know why, but my game keeps changing the currency, after the season, although my settings are set to Danish kroners, my game after every season, changes the currency to English Pounds, but in the settings menu, it still say's Danish kroners. To change this back, i need to change to another currency, and then change it back to Danishkroners. Anyone else experienced this?
  10. Like always i'll get it on release day!! Looking so much forward to it!!
  11. This has probably been raised before, but i'll give it a shot anyway. Playing in FM13 with Basel i'm in my 19th season, and there is something that's a little bit frustrating. It seem's that the amount of new young talents that my scouts are able to find, decreases a lot, the more seasons I play. Is this because i'm doing something wrong, perhaps I need to change my scouts more often, or is this a "problem" within the game, and if so, is it going to be fixed in FM14?
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