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  1. Yay, my striker can finally score again! Two goals in the first game since update Match engine seems much better, good job SI
  2. Same here. My gegenpress tactic was working really well before but now I'm struggling :/
  3. Yeah the black line around the gold stars makes the stars a bit more difficult to see, imo
  4. I forgot to remove the files in the Editor data file. I did it now, and whatdoyouknow, it works again! So it seems to have been the custom update-files that was the problem all along.
  5. Hi Neil, thanks for the response. I tried all your suggestions, even reinstalled the game but the same problem persists.
  6. DxDiag.txt I have played FM for many years, never had a problem like this before. I was actually playing the game as usual when I saw that the new patch was out and decided to save and quit my game to update to 18.3. After that, the trouble began.. I do use custom logos and tried removing them but to no avail.
  7. FM 2018 v18.3.0.1069563 (2018.03.01 20.21.22).dmp This is the first crash message I get after trying to start the game. After that, I get a crash dump message. I attached the crash dump file here.
  8. Daniel Braganca and Afonso Sousa. Two portuguese super talents!
  9. This tactic seems to have lost it's shine with the new ME, at least for me.. I used to dominate matches with my short passing, making my wingbacks go forward and move into the box, but now with the new ME, it seems I can only score on counter attacks
  10. Also agree! I have built my squad around a specific tactic for 4 seasons, a tactic that is now utterly useless
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