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  1. Agree with you all, when its a bit of a gamebreaker for so many, I think a hotfix should be of highest priority.
  2. In 2025 I managed Badajoz, in Spain, to a La Liga title in my second La Liga season with Badajoz. I also made it to the 16th-final in Champions League. Yet, my team actually LOST reputation and fell 10 places in the reputation/club ranking, to place 122. Seems kind of weird?!
  3. Same here, I just won the la liga with Badajoz and my starting wonderkid right back has a value of about 300.000 gbp.. Mostly due to to bad ratings I assume?!
  4. Yay, my striker can finally score again! Two goals in the first game since update Match engine seems much better, good job SI
  5. Same here. My gegenpress tactic was working really well before but now I'm struggling :/
  6. Yeah the black line around the gold stars makes the stars a bit more difficult to see, imo
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