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  1. Hello fellow Leeds supporters Leeds looks fine this year and I am looking forward to do something with them. Squad looks good, but I am a bit disappointed that Silvestri isn't rated higher, but oh well. Finance looks fine, but was hoping for a bigger transfer budget. I so want to play 5-3-2 with this side, I have no idea why I want it but there is something that I like about that tactic. My first thoughts for transfers was that I needed a new central defender, a midfielder and possible a striker. Selling Austin, Norris, Tonge, Hunt and Morison. How do you all like Leeds this year?
  2. Just began my second season with Leeds, got promoted after ending in 2nd place which I think is a miracle, as in November and December I only won 1 game out of 13. Had a rough time finding decent players to sign for the wage budget I got is terrible with only like 5M transfer budget. But after some shuffling around here is the squad i have in the beginning of 2nd season: GK: Viviano / Tiago DC: Dória / Lees DC: Jorge Teixeira DC: Alexsandar Dragovic WBR: Chris Solly WBL: Joe Mattock / Aidy White MC: Vanden Borre / Paul Green MC: Austin / Murat Yldirim MC: Madson AMC: Thomas Drage / Boudjemaa / Pavel Niakhaichyk ST: Becchio / Pohjanpalo / Gavranovic As all can see I have a very small team that cant afford any slip-ups in injuries, bans, etc. The start of the season shows that I have an ok team in my hands as for I am sitting 4th after 6 games. p.s. I am using the Mr. Hough tactic and have won 5 games drawn 1 and lost 2 so I am happy with it
  3. Yet another game, yet another Leeds save... As usual I kick started a new game with a Leeds save. I am to the closing of the transfer window and this is what I have done so far. Sold the usual suspects: Connolly (250k), Brown (140k), Rachubka (190k), Somma (200k), Bromby (free), Kisnorbo (250k) and Pugh (100% loan), Wasn't able to get rid of Nunez unfortunately Brought in: Birkir Már Sævarsson (28k), Skacel (free), Boudjemaa (100k), Vanden Borre (free), Jorge Teixeira (1,4M), Pohjanpalo (100k), Batshuayi (loan) Lost in the Capital Cup first round, but have gone now 4 games into the season without losing a game, 1 draw and 3 wins and sitting on top of the league. Playing 4-3-3 / 4-2-3-1 tactics
  4. Here is a picture of my buys and sells as of now: http://img855.imageshack.us/img855/2974/leikjakaup.jpg
  5. Hello all Just started my regular X.2 save with Leeds and I wanted to give you a look of how its going. Intresting that both Townsend and Smith are at the club, and no Webber. For transfers I had to get rid of the players that I felt where deadwood and I was not going to use at all, in return I tried to bring in good players that didnt cost to much. (Bates affect?) The squad at the moment is: GK: Lonergan, Jamal Blackman, Taylor DR: Parnaby, Smith DC: Craig Dawson, Tom Lees DC: Rafael Santos, Gimpel DL: White, Pugh DMC: Eggert Jonsson, Brown MC: Clayton, Delph MC: B Bjarnason, B Vidarsson AMR: Snoddy, Sacconi AML: McCormack, Zezinho, Townsend ST: Velikonja, Torassa, Becchio I am going well as of now in the league, winning 3 out of the first 4 games and 1 draw, with GD 11-1. P.s. Need an advice, Delph got injured in the first game for 3 months, should I keep him or terminate the loan and bring in a new player since his hefty 25k wage bill?
  6. Hey, I stubbled onto one very annoying thing after the update. Most of the time I do a manual search of new young regens when they come into the game by going through some of the top teams in Europe, but as of now when I go to teams transfer history and set it to "Youth" and when I come back to this screen (Transfer History) after taking alook at player it always goes to "All Transfers" instead of staying at "Youth". Hope I am making myself clear here and is this normal? Since it didnt happen before the update.
  7. I just finished bringing Guiseley from BSN to the premiership. Was able to do a back to back promotion through all of the leagues, winning all but League 2 where I came second. Just began my run in the Premier League, winning Chelsea at home 1-0, then losing 5-2 away to ManU.
  8. Thanks mate Yeah Fierro is a icon for me and for sure is heading for Legend. Yet I am winning the League I am not winning it by much, on GD the first season and then 1 point the second, guess you need luck also Just had a job offer from Man City offering me a 99 million transfer budget, I will gladly answer with a No.
  9. I am still here and about on my Leeds save with 5th season just about done and I had an awesome season: Wining the League, League cup and the FA Cup. Had a fine run in the Champions League group coming in second behind Napoli, in a group that had also Porto and Werder Bremen. Then getting knocked out against CSKA Moscow in the first round. My team is a good mix of fine regens and some real players. Key real players for me are for sure Carlos Fierro with 27 goals in 30 matches even though he was injured for 3 months. And a young Norwegian who I recommend for all of you restarters named Jonas Svensson. He has been a monster for me banging in assists from left to right and beeing a key player for me from the start of my carrier at Leeds:
  10. Thanks all macca72: I just noticed this myself as of now but I think this has to do with the champion cup final was yet to be played at the time of the screenshot so it might have something to do with that? At least there are 4 teams from England in the next years competition. KyleGraham: This would be the season 2014/15 Now just try to build on this season and go for Europe
  11. May glory be with us! Ohh my what an end to a season, was point behind ManC and 2 infront of ManU, I only managed a draw against Birmingham which sent me shaking in stress, but ManC lost to Arsenal and even though ManU won Tottenham they where to far behind on GD to be able to seal the trophy My team has really geled together and with avrage age of only 21 this squad will hopefully do wonders for me In addition I was able to win the League Cup in a penalty thriller against Liverpool where my goalie saved 3 of their penalties.
  12. Quick update on my 4th season. This is getting exciting, my backline has finally clicked together and is letting much less in now and my front line is smashing in goals Will this season be the one?
  13. Sorry for my double post but had to get this one out there. Had two heartbreaking games first in the FA cup against West Ham: And secondly against Liverpool which was the last game of the season: And yes my main focus on buys for next season was solid defenders.
  14. Good to see all the Leeds save up and running Just finished my third season and my second in the Premier, had a bumpy ride again this season where I ended again in 10th place. I should have be able to be higher but I had alot of injuries along with some of my key players were not performing. As I said I had a problem with some of my key players not performing/injured and therefor I had to play alot of my youngsters since I didnt have enough squad depth to cover it and I think my team has a bright future, for instance two goalies that is labeled the next Oliver Kahn and the next Igor Akinfeev, a midfielder touted to be the next Christian Poulsen along with these two: Aiming for a top mid table finish/Euro cup for the next season.
  15. Nice squad there Coen, always fun seeing these squad and see how much they change over time. You have the same approach as me that nationality doesnt matter and only have 1 englishmen and the age of the squad is great with so much potential And I think its spot on you need a better left back
  16. Begining my second season in the Premier League and this is how the team stands: Won the first game 3-0 against Blackburn so I am off to a good start. Ohh my what I love managing Leeds
  17. Well there we go first season in the Premiership is done Had a great run in the begining of the season and was fighting for European spot, but after 1. january it all went down the drains and I only won 4, draw 4 and lost 10, making my final position 12th which I was very happy with, yet so frustrated since it went so well in the begining. So now I will go and get in some quality players to do even better next season.
  18. Behind a good team has to be a good backround. I build my staff up on that and now i got 4*+ coaches in every training category. Training and as for an Ass-man go for Gilmar Francisco if you can he is a top class.
  19. Good job and what a finish to a season having 3 teams fighting for promotion. Good luck in your transfer window. p.s. takeover incoming for me, hope I get a good board and be able to keep my job
  20. Transfer window for the first season in the Premiership has now closed, made some fine transfers which will hopefully help me in the relegation battle forthcoming this season. Transfers link
  21. Hey folks Just finished my first season at the helm of Leeds and it went fine. Finished third after an up and down season, way to many draws where I concede goals in the last minutes of the game. In the end I was able to win Leicester in a penalty shoutout in the final of the playoffs. League table Signed few players to strengthen my squad and along with selling some deadwood. Transfers this first season The squad: Clickme Recommendations: Lomana LuaLua, Jonas Svensson and Mushaga Bakenga where all superb for me after they joined my team so snapping them up is a big Yes from me. Now I am going to the premier league and going to work on not getting relegated right away.
  22. I dont know, think I offered him out for a 750K or something and I guess Peterborough really wanted him with as they offered 625k that I took quickly. Well off to a horrible start, 0-3 loss against Middlesbrough, with me having 19 shots, 8 on T, and 5 CCC. Well it cant go but up from there...
  23. Hey fellow Leeds managers. Now that the new game is coming I will for sure take a hit on managing Leeds as that is my all time favorite club in management. I myself have not been that much of a fan of FM Demos but I will be using this one as my knowledge gathering into the Leeds team, Along with getting used to the new layout of the game, which I find very good. As for the Leeds team I find it very appealing in this version of FM as it has so much potential in being a great squad, Key factor for me is seeing how finally Captain fabulous Howson looks this year, for in many earlier FMs he hasnt been all that good for me. I am for sure going to use a 4-4-2 tactic for I am not that fond of a 4-2-3-1 tho i have that as a backup. There are some key positions that I find Leeds needs better players and as many have pointed out those are for sure the DL and DR positions. Another position that I think needs improving is the goalie as for Lonergan just didnt do it for me in the first friendlies. In my first run in the Demo I went on and changed the squad a bit: Ins: Parnaby (free) Jack Robinsson (loan) Yaya Sanogo (3M) Danny Rose (loan) Flanagan (loan) Scott Loach (2.6M) Korey Smith (3.1M) Outs: Paynter (625k) Bruce (825k) Clayton (1.5M) Bromby (loan) Nunez (850k) Connolly (325k) These are the changed that I did and I'm about to go on and kick start the season and see how it goes. Will keep you posted
  24. Hello fellow Tynesiders managers I have been playing as a Gateshead managers now for 8 seasons and have brought them up to premier league and into Europe. Here is my Domestic league progress My current goal now is to go for a continental finish in the league, or as long as my board go berserk on me and sells my top players as they are drawing intrest from the top teams.
  25. Hello fellow Leeds Managers I am into the future as a manager of Leeds and just finished season 2019/20 and I have been doing exceptionally well. Last 7 seasons I have been able to win the Premier league six times. Here is a photo of my domestic league. My team is packed with world class players with the likes of: Virgil Post, Guillermo Lo Bianco, Angel Jerez, André. And some young prospects of: Tommy Champion and Charlie Winter. To keep my game interesting I have set out with silly little goal that I try to beat, my all time record is to have all of the record in Leeds history, that not including though the biggest streak of losing and not winning in row and biggest defeat. I have yet to fulfill 5 of those goals, Biggest win, Highest attendance, Most league apps, highest fee received and oldest player. I reckon that most league apps and oldest player are the ones that will be the hardest to beat. My other goal that I am going for is an all British squad, my starting 11 could be either all South American or all EU national, the all British squad could be a handful since the amount of decent English regens isn’t happening at the moment. And in the end here is my biography as a manager of Leeds: Photo P.s. How is your luck of getting big clubs to pair with from Asia or US for merchandice sales, i never seem to be able to get any sort of link with any club no matter what i try.
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