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  1. Just waiting on the game instaliing then will start as celtic !! Hail Hail
  2. Ye scottish we accept we arent the best but use are just a joke. Every advert on the tv about use going to the world cup come back on this after use get knocked out in the last 16 on penalties haha
  3. Love the build up england get every world cup they get to saying this is there year haa becuase they always go on to fail
  4. Wouldn't say it is anything special
  5. Just took over half way through the first season (like starting then) and it looks a bit like real life were 7 points behind rangers and 3 behind dundee united it will be hard to win the league now, hopefully i can though it will be a challenge. I will post again soon !
  6. ok cheers i will have a look at them
  7. just wondering who i should bring in im looking for a centre back o replace carvalho start of second season was looking at otamendi fazio sakho but dont know if any of them would be able to come straigt into the team ? or are they for the future ?
  8. bellamy is brilliant people are just jealous because he hasnt played for there teams haha
  9. dont mean the same game just hoping there the same with whenthere going to bring there patch out !
  10. Haha exact same as me started playing fifa today and there is a squad update made me think fms must be the same ... hopefully !
  11. just wondering from the people who have started a season with the transfer updates how many keane is scoring a season ? cant wait to start a new save on the new patch !
  12. ok thats thw transfer window shut and i was just wondering if this team should be able to cope with winning the league and going to try win the europa league In James Tomkins Darron Gibson - Loan Andreas Hinkel Paul McGowan anda few youngsters !
  13. A rangers players but thats everyones opinion not just mine
  14. Ok so started a season with real today was just wondering who would you play upfront ? im playing a 4-2-3-1 raul or benzema ? and do you think i will have to really need to bring some one in or should the team be able to cope ?
  15. Clicking sugar daddy will that give me a team like man city meaning huge transfer budgets and money being pumped in all the time or do more things have to be edited ?