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  1. Wait, what? You can't even save your tactics? Are there any plans to add this feature? If not, I won't be buying FM on stadia.
  2. The problem is that the game seems to be looking in the wrong location, with me it was the C:\users\<username>\Appdata\local folder... while it should be looking in My Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2019\tactics. You have to point to the location in My Documents when you import a tactic.
  3. Check out this thread: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/445435-Emulating-Diego-Simeone-s-Atletico-Madrid
  4. Yeah you need someone getting into the box to get on the end of those crosses. I have almost the same setup except my striker is a CF(s) and my left IF has an attacking duty, making him act like a second striker at times. I score plenty of goals from crosses from the right winger. This is my setup: Standard mentality, Structured team shape, TIs: Close down more, Retain possession, Play out of defense. When playing at home or big favorites away I usually change to Control.
  5. Youth rating influences the PA of newgens appearing. So a high youth rating means more high PA newgens. Training facilities & coaching staff (among others) influence the chance of newgens actually reaching their PA. So yes, lowering the youth rating means you'll get less high PA newgens.
  6. I have one save where I holidayed until about 2040 and there's loads of good regen staff with high PA.
  7. Ajax does have feeder clubs, one of their current players (Thulani Serero) came over from Ajax Cape Town a few years ago. Not that many make it to the first team though.
  8. Why would you look for overlap? Your only wide players are the wingbacks, there is nobody for them to overlap..
  9. Wow our transformation into Germans is complete.
  10. Well yeah, as long as we win it of course . I don't know if I can deal with another world cup final defeat... Actually my ideal scenario would be semis against Argentina and winning the final against Germany. All our world cup traumas will be dealt with!
  11. The butthurt in this thread is hilarious.
  12. Counter IS quick ... but only when you are countering. So you will play a slow, patient game, not taking too many risks, waiting for your opponent to make a mistake... then when the counter is "on" the team suddenly bursts forward and the tempo is very quick, until the counter ends.
  13. This is a great thread, thanks. One thing that I've been wondering about - you have Hassle Opponents set as a team instruction. Now (as far as I know) what this does is set Closing Down instructions to maximum for the whole team. Wouldn't this nullify any individual closing down instructions you set for players? So tailoring pressing as you say won't work if you have Hassle Opponents set. Personally I'm fiddling around with my own high pressing tactic, and I've moved away from Hassle Opponents. My central defenders get pulled out of position too much for my liking. What I do now is leave my
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