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  1. Went back to my FM 2009 save after I bought FM 11. In 2039 and having a blast. Looking forward to 11.3, though. And will definitely start fresh with it once it's released.
  2. Yeah, had a son in FM 2007. He wasn't too great for a top-tier club. But could have been a good 2nd tier player.
  3. Fantastic WW2 strategy game. Best I've ever played.
  4. Yeah, you could get it now, and dabble with it, but I would suggest waiting to start your full-fledged career until 11.2 at least. Like so many others, I usually wait until the third patch to start my career.
  5. Thanks for the fix! Can't wait for 11.2 !
  6. I'm not sure either, but I wouldn't panic. Give people more than an hour to respond, I'm sure someone will know.
  7. Might setting a minimum release fee of 100m work? Or will the chairman still accept an offer that they deem high enough?
  8. Manager Pay.. im lost

    Not so much. But I think the idea could be worth some thought. I had a 50+ year managerial career in FM 2007, and I think it may have been fun to buy a club, try to get it to make money and be successful. Again, I'm not saying that SI should immediately try to implement such a concept. All I'm saying is that I think it would be an appropriate feature should they ever decide they'd like to do that. Personally, I would enjoy it a well thought out implementation of it.
  9. Manager Pay.. im lost

    Well, something I would like to see, is ability to buy a club. Be the chairman, deal with hiring a manager and setting financial restrictions, etc.. That being said, I'm not complaining. Though, I always go with the lowest salary possible when I take a job, because, well, it only hurts the club. In the future, I'd love that. If not...okie dokie.
  10. Become a beta tester for SI

    I would be very interested in testing. I regularly read these forums (though, not always while logged in, and I admittedly haven't posted often). I have beta testing experience with various products dating back to about 2000 (most notably, and relevantly, with Paradox Interactive (both Hearts of Iron and Hearts of Iron 2). My issues with FM 2009 are with some of the boring repetitions in the game (press conferences do indeed get boring after a while...) and some minor parts of MLS. I am an American user, but I'm incredibly passionate about Football Manager (I import the game from Game.co.uk rather than get WWSM for the cosmetic reason, I don't know why...I just do) and the sport itself. Thanks for your consideration.
  11. patch 9.2

    Is there any truth to the Champions League drawing being bugged? I read about that yesterday.
  12. huge database

    Forgive my ignorance, but what is the difference between 'Large' and 'Huge'? I've always used the Huge Database option, but what exactly is the difference? Thanks!
  13. I agree. I think it's enough of a game mechanic to have the board room provide the transfer funds and leave it at that. I'd like to see more detailed interaction between manager and board in the situation of: Need an extra 100k for player and all out of funds. (Just happened to me, spent my transfer budget, and came needed 150k for a prospect...) Taking the manager-heavy effort to get a player wouldn't be as fun.