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  1. ged316

    New Laptop/PC - Help Needed

    Operating System Windows 10 Home 64-bit CPU AMD Phenom II X4 820 55 °C Deneb 45nm Technology RAM 6.00GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 533MHz (7-7-7-20) Motherboard Dell Inc. 04GJJT (CPU 1) 59 °C Graphics DELL ST2320L (1920x1080@60Hz) 1024MB ATI AMD Radeon HD 5450 (Dell) 60 °C Storage 931GB TOSHIBA DT01ACA100 SATA Disk Device (SATA) 34 °C Optical Drives HL-DT-ST DVD+-RW GH50N SATA CdRom Device Audio AMD High Definition Audio Device That is my current aging desktop. FM2017 runs a bit to slow for my liking. I don't play with the 3d settings and not too fussed about it. Really i just want the game to speed up. Is there anything i can improve. Or is it for the best to invest in a new desktop.
  2. ged316

    Oh **** all my money has gone

    Even if you do receive your statements online, the letter they would have sent would have been through the post. And to set up telephone banking they would have need to know information regarding your accounts/you to pass security then they can just get it set up
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    Main one's i listen to are: Mark kermode and simon mayo's film reviews fighting talk Smodcast Tell em steve dave gamespot podcast
  4. Started a game with the new update with Celtic...will let you know how it goes!