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  1. Football Manager Live

    I think they should have just taken Football Manager and put it online. In other words, network games with TONS of managers and on SI's servers. I'd pay extra for that. I tried FM Live but the whole create your own club thing didn't hold my interest. I like the regular FMs because I can manage real clubs in real leagues.
  2. I would assume the big CL teams would already have their players whether they're playable or not, and you'd get all their history (like it already is in FM11). Lesser known players would be the ones loaded when you make the league playable. Youth team players and reserves, etc.
  3. I am curious why the last patch of the game is always the best one. What prevents them from getting it right when the game is released? Or perhaps the buyers really are beta testers, which is why only the 3rd patch gets to its best.
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5j2YDq6FkVE Because my players getting red cards have cost me 9 points.
  5. Funny Screenshots Thread

    Player interaction got a little weird.
  6. FM2009 was way more fun :\

    I think if you put FM09's match engine with FM10's tactics creator, people would end up liking FM09 better. There was more variety with goals in FM09 in my opinion. Midfielders scored more goals and made better runs to the box, and strikers didn't always score from through balls. The only problem was that you needed the right tactics to do so, which thankfully I had. Regens were a little better and I liked transfers better too. Only issue I had was that the game ran slow on my computer. Now you're making me want to play it again haha.
  7. Name: CowSimao Chosen Manager: Jorge Jesus (Benfica) Team name: Benficows
  8. Two footed players

    I'm not quite getting what you're saying. Since if you have 2 players with the same CA, but different weak foot then their attributes are also different. So wouldn't that be considered attributes being lowered? I can agree that SI make 2-footed players have different attributes so they aren't overpowered. Like how a 2-footed with 13 dribbling uses both feet to dribble and can be more effective than a 1-footer with 15 dribbling. But what's ridiculous is how a player's heading and set piece taking skills can be lowered in the process of weak foot taking up CA points. If you have 2 150 CA players who play the same way, why is the guy with the crap weak foot better at heading? In other words, things should mostly stay the same, but the method needs to be changed so stats like heading aren't affected.
  9. I'm more worried about big teams buying crap players than the top players costing a lot.
  10. A winger with really high flair like C. Ronaldo would try to do the unexpecteded and beat 3 players before shooting or passing. While someone with something like 5 flair would be more predictable and simply try to beat 1 defender and cross. I also think Flair is noticed by fans. Once in the Portuguese 2nd tier I signed Fabio Paim who is an average winger but with very high flair, and the fans were looking forward to seeing him play and show his skills.
  11. The Commonwealth Games

    Looks like I keep getting injured, hopefully things turn around. BTW, you gave me the wrong Simao for favored personel. I should have said Simao Sabrosa, but it's not a big deal.
  12. You're asking him for proof when yours is only 2 players.
  13. Commonwealth Games (The Sign-up)

    Hey, I'll join this. Name: Phil Campos DoB: 12/13/1992 Nationality: Mozambique Position: AMC City of Birth: Maputo Height: 178 Weight: 55 Foot: Right 20, Left 5 Fav Person: Simao Fav Club: Benfica Dislike Person: Cristian Rodriguez Dislike Club: Porto Preferred Moves: Arrives Late in Opposition Area Attributes: (You can pick absolutely any of the attributes you can see on a normal player screenshot) One at 20: Stamina One at 17: Work Rate One at 15: Passing One at 10: Concentration One at 7: Balance One at 5: Strength One at 1: Long Throws
  14. The Football Rivals

    Ok, I added it to my post.
  15. The Football Rivals

    First Name: Buck Last Name: Naked Common Name: Full Name: Buck Naked Skin Tone/Ethnicity: Anything that's white. Age (any): 17 Nationality (max of 2): USA, Portugal City Born in: San Francisco Height: 178 Weight: 60 Stats (Proffesionalism will be set to 20 and 1 stat per number): 20: Rushing Out 19: Eccentricity 18: One-on-Ones 17: Reflexes 16: Agility 15: Positioning 14: Handling 13: Command of Area 12: Aerial Ability 11: Anticipation 10: Communication 9: Tendency to Punch 8: Concentration 7: Kicking 6: Penalty Taking 5: First Touch 4: Throwing 3: Agression 2: Free Kicks 1: Dirtiness The Rivals!