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  1. Yeah but look at the midfield options Ozil, Podolski and Muller and that's not even half
  2. doosh

    Crazy World Ranking

    Scotland have won their first four WC2014 qualifiers in my game and shot up to 6th! Would settle for that in real life.
  3. Has anyone had the problem where the squad don't go away for a holiday after the season? I got the message saying 'now that the squad have returned for pre-season' in like mid July
  4. I had this - fixed by right clicking on game in libary, then properties/local files/verify integrity of game Took about 5 mins, reloaded some files and worked fine after that
  5. doosh

    The World Cup of National Anthems

    best live la marseillaise i've found:
  6. Nice quick edit away from 'f*ck off scot' In fairness, everything he says is right, and we're not arguing Scotland here (none of us would claim to be anything other than woeful since McLeish left anyway)
  7. doosh

    The Weather Effect

    Possibly. I remember when the Lions were over there last summer, the team doctor (James Robson) said something along the lines of arrive 10-14 days before you play, or less than 24 hours, and not in between.
  8. doosh

    The Weather Effect

    Is altitude not the biggest problem in South Africa? So those teams who play games in Durban or Cape Town, then are required to play in Jo'burg or Pretoria may struggle to adapt.
  9. doosh

    Pros and Cons of 10.3

    Don't have a problem with defenders getting low ratings. Far from it, my back 4 are probably my most consistent performers.
  10. doosh

    Striker attributes

    Saw the stats, thought wow, he's great for a 14 year old. He's actually 24.
  11. Well, it was in the original Championship Manager 2 (94/95)
  12. Pretty sure with 10.2 you can still choose the original 10.0 database when starting a new game, can't see it being any different for 10.3
  13. Right, all going great now. I started season 2 terribly, was bottom without a win after 9 games. This is after a terrible collapse at the end of season 1 which saw me win 1 of my last 20 games. Anyway, game 9, we get beat 4-0 at Northampton. Rock bottom. I drop Colgan for the next game, bring in Martin Hansen (20 year old Danish keeper who'd been at Liverpool for 4 seasons) and 17 games later we haven't lost again and are up in 12th place. 28 games into the season and the first team is: GK - Hansen DR - Stockdale DC - Bennet (5 no. MOM awards) DC - Atkinson © DL - Widdowson (averaging above 7, keeping Olivier Bernard out the team) MR - Imants Bleidelis (35 year old Latvian veteran, solid and technically good) ML - Conor Tinnion (20 year old Irish AML, looks pretty good, got 7 or 8 assists) MC - Bendiksen (settling now, getting a good number of assists) MC - Christian Gyan AM - Danny Whitaker (sensational playing as an inside forward, 9 goals, 6 assists) ST - Rune Lange (very clinical, top scorer on 11 goals)
  14. I signed Bendiksen, he seems quite average so far. May be too lightweight to play in midfield, so I'm tending to play him as an AM playing off one ST.
  15. Problem I've had with Gyan is he is just too injury prone. Start of the second season, he'll mainly be a substitute, going to perservere with youngster Josh Falkingham. I got rid of a lot of players in the summer, only have 1 or 2 left that are 'not needed' and earning more than £500 p/w. I got Rune Lange (ST, now 33) on a free transfer. From pre-season, he looks to be a great catch and will be better than the now departed Malcolm Christie. Think I'm down to about £14.8k p/w on wages, and have managed to free up £32k transfer kitty by reducing my budget to £15.5k p/w.