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  1. 2 and 1/2 star rating on itunes?

    There are people who think it's overpriced and those who think it's good value for money. Personally I will not spend £7 on a game that, for me, is a minor update to fmh10. If this was the first version in the iPhone/pod/pad series it would be worth £7. But when the features were announced and I was reading things like "new stadiums". "in game tutorial" and "gamecentre leaderboards" I wonder why time was spent on those things as opposed to custom formations or being able to give individual player instructions like "closing down", "cross ball from" etc. Retina display? These are the sort of things that are required to be the second highest priced game on the app store. For me this is little more than the equivalent of a patch for the pc version. If si charged for that everybody would go nuts! Trouble is people would pay for a patch as is there loyalty to the series and si/sega know this. The addition of player roles is nice as is 3 nations.
  2. look here: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/230656-Match-preparation-question?highlight=match+prep
  3. the dark skin is included in the patch. the retro skin is steam only.
  4. Can't download patch!

    if its an .exe it should just run when double clicked. Whats the size of the file?
  5. Can't download patch!

    does it have .exe as the file extension?
  6. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Match v903 ---------- - Rewritten tracking and marking of player with ball - Fine tuned dribbling ability to allow for above change - Fixed players continuing to face set piece position by default after set piece has already been taken - Made keeper dive to head ball rather than risk a messy clearance when ball around chest height - Made players more likely to round keeper when clear on goal - Also made players less likely to shoot too early when clear on goal - Slight tweak to keeper positioning when coming to meet opponent bearing down on goal - Made players track their opponent a bit more urgently when set piece about to be taken - Fixed bug causing keepers continuing move to intercept ball that has long since been taken under control by opponent - Fixed a couple of issues relating to players not reacting properly to the ball - Couple of tweaks to marking of non ball player in open play - Made players especially wide players less likely to drift offside when offering out ball to team mate - Made players under no pressure less likely to play first time or second touch pass unless it is a really good option - Fixed players risking missing easy chances by aiming too close to posts when no need to do so - Reduced number of crosses aimed at penalty box with absolutely no team mate there or close to being there - Couple of further small tweaks to on ball decision making Match v904 ---------- - Fine tuning and fixes to closing down and tracking of ball player - Fine tuning to marking of non ball player - Generally tuned balance of fouls and cards - Players a bit quicker to get play going again at set piece when chasing game - Fixed obscure bug where keeper could catch ball and back into own net with it - Fixed occasional bug where player boots ball out of play for no reason - Tweaked marking at throws in defensive third - Fixed a couple of bugs where players would stop covering for team mate prematurely - Fixed a couple more incidences of players not reacting to ball realistically - Fixed bug where defenders could leave ball to keeper unrealistically and allow opponents in - Slight tweak to movement off ball in opponent's area - Fixed player putting ball out for injury when in scoring position unless its clear that he should - Reduced lateral runs with ball across pitch ahead of decent passing opportunities - Fixed underuse of playmaker at slow tempo - Fixed general underuse of target man - Reduced shots taken from distance when opportunity is there to take ball on further towards goal - Slight tweak to accuracy of shots in clear cut chance positions - Fixed bug where player diving to head ball in right on line might send ball away from goal - Fixed bug where defender may clear ball off line without taking care not to kick it against team mate - Encouraged earlier cross when plenty of team mates in opposition area - Fixed bug causing keepers to walk through each other when switching over during a penalty shootout - Ensured physios face the direction of the player they are treating when treating a player off the field - Fixed bug where a player celebrates despite being injured - Fixed bug where both physios stand on top of each other - Adjusted selection of corner takers for human teams where the user hasn't assigned one in their tactics - Ensured players don't attempt sliding celebrations if they haven't gained enough momentum to perform the slide - Fixed bug where players would celebrate goals when a fixture was being played behind closed doors - Fixed bug causing players to end up celebrating goals by themselves too often - Fixed bug where the linesman would stand in an inappropriate position for free kicks that were in positions similar to corner kicks Match v905 ---------- - Further fine tuning to closing down and tracking of ball player - Very small tweak to marking of non ball player to prevent defenders getting pulled apart laterally unrealistically - Reduction in number of tackle attempts to be closer to v902 and v903 - Further tuning to balance of fouls and cards - Players more likely to go to ground when opponents tug their shirts while they are running at speed - Player more likely to miscontrol ball when switching direction at speed - Made player reaction time more realistic when they fail to win a tackle or foul attempt - Fixed bug causing defensive midfielders to cover for centre halves when they are too far off D-line and defence should be shifting across - Fixed obscure bug causing unrealistic panicky clearances - Some improvements to passing AI - Fixed bug causing players to make fouls as last man in the belief they werent last man - Fixed bug in finishing from tight angle but at close range that could send ball across goal and make too easy for keeper Match v906 ---------- - Yet further fine tuning to closing down and tracking of ball player - Small tweak to prevent centre halves man marking too early and losing defensive shape - Reduced unneccesarily heavy first touches - Tweaked dribbling AI slightly - Improved decision making when through on goal slightly - Fined tuned number of penalties - Fixed bullet throws being targeted too low
  7. Install error

    The game doesn't put a shortcut on desktop if using windows vista/7. It will be in the games explorer (start button->games.
  8. Install error

    ERROR: Cannot run game: Failed to set up graphics system, general crashes or game crashing when minimising Please download the following update from the Microsoft Direct X SDK: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/en/details.aspx?FamilyID=3021d52b-514e-41d3-ad02-438a3ba730ba Use the following settings in Direct-x Control Panel. Run the following tool: Start->Direct-X SDK->Direct-X Utilities->Direct-X Caps Viewer Ensure the Direct-X properties appear as the dialog below. Especially important to ensure the Enumerate Reference Rasterizer is checked. When downloading this file please use the Firefox browser as some people have encounter difficulties when using Internet Explorer. You should also check that you are running the latest graphics driver, you can do this by visiting the computer manufacturer website, or by visiting the graphics card manufacturing website. Also if you are running Steam, make sure this is not running when attempting to install
  9. click start then games then right click fm11 icon. Run editor.
  10. Competition time!

    "Please pick me! Please pick me!"
  11. if you are using steam look here. https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=3160-AGCB-2555
  12. Yeah, Facepacks and logo's will work. Try the skinners forum.
  13. Problems with patch

    it won't as the only change to the database is stephen carr at brum. if your game is 10.1 your patched.
  14. Offline option

    Yeah. just connect to steam for updates.