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  1. Evening all, just looking for peeps opinions on which adds more to a team, advanced or deep lying playmakers. For a bit of context, I’ll be setting up a pretty standard 4-4-2 (normal back four, attacking wingers, big / small striker combo) but it’s the middle of the park I’m unsure of. One of the two cms will be an out an out ball winner (set accordingly on defend) and the other is going to be my creative hub, effectively in charge of getting the whole team going and running the show. I guess this could all come down to the players for tactics or tactics for players debate, but I just figure as I’ll be bringing this chap in fresh I can pretty much choose which sort to get, and if one role is more suited to a standard 4-4-2 then obviously that’s the way I’ll be leaning. Ta
  2. Thanks, you wouldnt know it by my post count but i've been stalking around here since the fm07 days but just never had the time to get involved posting. The issue i have is that, by setting my wide midfielder to a support role, i presumed that this would just make him somewhat less attacking and more willing to defend, but still have the tradtional winger style instructions (i.e would try crosses more than through balls or longshots). On both the control and attack set you gave me, he seems to just be set to a default support player, with instructions that would suit a centre mid far more than a side mid? If this is how the wizzard sets it all up then fair enough, I just figured he'd still keep some of the more 'winger' settings. So far i've really been supprised by the striker settings, they seem to do everything you'd want (TM holding back but then getting in the box for crosses / ST breaking the line, going out wide to cross etc) but go agasint the original TTF concept of how to set up forwards...
  3. Yes thats exactly it, hopefully i'll see some nice crosses and a bit more tracking back from milner on the right, where as young on the left will bomb forward and be involved in the attack more
  4. My bad, wasn't overly clear what i was asking for. Ok in screen 4 it says that you can pick the individual role that a player undertakes, and i'm looking for one to be 'wide midfielder' and the other 'winger'. Then, in screen 5, it says you can change each players specific duty, eg defend, support or attack. In an ideal world i'd have my wide midfielder playing as a support character and my winger as an attacking one. Is that any clearer? Its just with the default support settings you gave me, it leaves milner (my wide mid of choice) playing long shots and through balls often? If that stills doesnt seem right don't worry bout it
  5. Ok well now i know what it does i can change the aim sttings depending on whether i use my dribbly wingers or slower crossing chaps. For my wide midfielder, would it be possible to let me know what his instructions would be if he has that specific role even though on support? Or is that not possible to do (i.e certain specific roles have to be on certain defend/support/attack roles)?
  6. Aha! Just a quick little extra - It seems on the control tactic (which has the drill cross selected) the 'cross-aim' is altered to near post for both wingers rather than mix. I'm guessing this may be better for super quick lennon-esque wingers who get to the byline but may not have the technical skills for a well placed looping cross? Or perhaps if playing with small strikers as they only have to beat their man at the near post for pace rather than out jump a lumbering CB somewhere in the box... [Edit] You beat me to it on the cross aim thing. I was using the very first tactic you gave me, the 442 balanced. Probably a little too defensive but still got a result
  7. Ta for that, you know i really still can't see the difference? Could just be me being a little slow, wouldn't be the first time :o Out of curiosity was the 'support winger' set to default support settings? Sorry bout asking so many questions, I just think this sort of thing could be Really useful if it all goes to plan. Essentially i'm trying to make a 442 set up for my villa team, based around the role theory and looking for a standard, control and attack along the lines of GK FB - CB - Ball playing CB - WB Wide mid - box to box/destroyer - deep playmaker - winger Poacher - Target man The wide mid i'd be looking for the slightly less attacking player so i presume set to wide mid but change to standard rather than attack role? I think the box to box may be better for what i'm looking for but now i have both settings so i can interchange easily enough. Oh and as for the first game feedback - i won 3-2 away to sunderland. Carew in the TM role (i think, lower mentality but high fwr? I assume anyway because he's set to hold up ball) got two goals, own picked up one. Defence wasn't up to much but i think being the standard framework i just gave them too much respect and didnt take the game to them enough, if that makes any sense? Looking good tho
  8. Hmmmm, so in that case what exactly does the drill cross option do? I thought the only ways we could influence crossing was location from and frequency?
  9. So how exactly does this change the default player instructions? I was expecting the wide midfielder would perhaps have had crossing from mixed or even deep (ala beckham) so does choosing the 'drill crosses' option change this to byline perhaps? Also the target man/poacher settings, i presume the fast striker would be the one on the higher mentality, but this leaves him with no fwr? One last question, I take it that you gave me a destroyer/deep playmaker midfield combo as they both are on 'defend' mentalities? What would a box to box mid look like? Thanks, really interested in this especially with those striker instructions
  10. Brilliant idea, especially if something similar is going to be rolled out in future versions. So, here goes; Standard 442 Either a balanced or slightly more fluid philosophy (looking for the one that closest resembles role theory tbh) Standard match strategy to start with Individual roles - GK, Full back, Wing back, CB, Ball playing CB, Winger, Wide mid, Deep-lying playmaker, Ball winner (or Box to box), Poacher and Target man Not really sure about screen 5 so whatever it defaults to Ditto with screen 6, although i'm curious what 'Drill crosses' refers to... I'm particularly interested in testing how the two centre mids play with those roles, same with the big man little man combo. Ta
  11. FM09: Official Aston Villa F.C. Thread

    How?! lol, I’ve been trying to get a successful 442 going with villa since the game came out and I’m lucky if I end up 11 points clear of stoke! Seriously mate congrats but you’ve gotta share your tactic
  12. I'd be particularly interested to know how you've changed your mc settings... In the guidelines for role theory at least you originally had 1 cm with a defend role and another on support. I've tried this countless times with my Villa save as i appear to have a natural destroyer/dm in reo-coker and supporting playmaker type cm in barry, but cant for the life of me get them performing how I’d like. Ideally coker would run around tackling and harassing whilst barry would pull strings and run the show but so far i havent found a way of replicating this consistently. The nearest i got was almost swapping their roles completely (which seems very counter-intuitive). Whilst this did let barry get involved a little more, now i had a dm with not great passing/first touch/long shots etc much farther up the field when in possession, and 9 times out of 10 he'd fluff an easy ball/shot that barry would have pulled off no probs. In an ideal world I'd have coker battling away in front of barry when defending, but then dropping back and letting barry take over the passing duties when in attack. That way barrys playmaker type passing could be used from the back of the field for a quick counter, and then moving closer to the goal in support of the strikers he'd be more likely to thread a decent through ball or twenty. To be honest the cm setting have been my biggest downfall in ever tactic i've made in 09, so any insights into how you've changed your original thinking would be much appreciated. This idea i've been very much interested in and have experimented with a couple of times. On some occasions it works wonders and other times not at all. Im just looking for a consistent way to have my butch forwards (carew and ashton) hold up the ball, be the target of crosses, long balls forward etc and my nippy guy (gabby) to get his one-on-one chances. I guess i'd just like your thoughts about which 'parts' of the FCa/FCd roles youve switched. A lot of the time i still see my little guy with more headers and the lumbering oaf trying to break onto through balls, regardless of which way round the mentality slider is