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  1. Playing as Bolton, League cup: Dearby 0-1 Bolton...won in last minute of extra time Bolton 3-5 Arsenal...Was 5-0 down but still played quite well Premiership: Bolton 2-2 Everton...Everton were currently 3rd so not a bad result Bolton 0-1 West Brom...didn't rely have a decent shot on goal. West brom dominated middlesborough 1-0 Bolton...again the same as the West brom game Bolton 1-0 Arsenal...best game with this tactic dominating the game Man Utd 2-2 Bolton...played well seeing man utd are top Newcastle...3-0 Bolton...Played awful Bolton 2-1 Sunderland...won but sunderland dominated Overall: Good tactic now and again but just not consistent enough for me. Got some great results but then some just simply not so great. Any pointers were to improve anywere were to improve it a little as i seem to do well against the better teams and then not as good against the teams i should really be beating...?
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