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  1. Gutted!!!!!!

    Yep I learnt the hardway
  2. Bought the game today via Steam so far so good! Just spent 3 hours setting my team up went to play my first game and it crashes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel like smashing the pc up and its a good pc as well! dam you game! and it looks like a few people on here are having this problem (((((
  3. [FM12] Steklo X2

    Yams have u modified the skin in anyway?
  4. Any ideas why I cant get Dmc files to work on my editor data? Thanks
  5. Forbsie`s 2012-2013 Transfer and Data Update

    Im having the same problem as diegol
  6. I love the new Football Manager 2012 version its a massive improvement on previous versions and the best of all time by far, some diehards still say CM 01/02 but that is 10 years old now so hard to compare with the current game. I think after playing all the versions now since 1993 im just too dam good at this game any other veterans of the game finding it far too easy?
  7. What does everyone use in there game 2d or 3d ive just recently gone back to 2d and i must say its much better for accessing tactics etc how about you guys?
  8. Metal_Guitarist's FM10 Update

    really cant wait for this update by far the best
  9. Metal_Guitarist's FM10 Update

    Ideal, also in your update can you stop teams like man city buying people like simon davies because it really makes the game feel unrealisitic?
  10. Metal_Guitarist's FM10 Update

    What time is the update out mate?
  11. Hi Guys bored in work and was wondering which is better there is still is a large core of cm 01/02 fans out there but which is the better game and why? cheers
  12. Fm update 2010/2011

    Chris have you added Ross Barkley to Everton? like to have some of the up and coming youngsters in the game cheers
  13. Chris22 Summer Update Thread

    Top Man mrs is out so cant wait for ur update ur updates are the best by far
  14. Chris22 Summer Update Thread

    Firstly Chris a excellent update as usual but why have u taken away tv fixtures on a saturday for the barclays premier league?
  15. Hi Everyone anyone else having problems getting the real names fix for the competitions ie. english league, euro cup etc.... I want to get back Barclays Premier league etc on the 10.3 patch any ideas?? Im steam as well by the way