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  1. Signed him from liverpool, best forward ive seen on the game, he started at river plate as a regen
  2. He is a regen but look at them stats, technical, mental, and physicals 💪
  3. Best regen ive ever had come through the youth intake 😳
  4. Is it just my games or is there a lack of quality left back and right back regens, done a few games in to the late 2020s and a lack of right and left back regens is not ideal, might have to change formation to a 3 at the back, any others experienced this?
  5. 6th season Won the champions league and finished 2nd in league
  6. Finished 2nd in season 4 and lost in semi finals of champions league to real madrid, so good season all round, going into 5th season now, had a good win in friendly match aswell haha
  7. I go with that most of the time, seems to work out ok for me
  8. Happy days, fa cup winners 🙂
  9. Just finished 2nd season with Norwich, really enjoying this save, lost 2-1 away to chelsea last game of season and man city drew 1-1 with arsenal so could of qualified for champions league if we beat chelsea but not to be, so euro cup 2 it is unless we beat arsenal in the fa cup final
  10. Matias Vina looks a quality left back Maarten Vandervoodt wonderkid goalkeeper
  11. Jeremie Frimpong Celtic right back has had a boost Aaron Wan Bissaka Man Utd right back has tackling 20 James Maddison looks to of had a boost aswell as has Tammy Abraham
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