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  1. Keeper could be Pickford. Everton go down in some saves too.
  2. Good advice from Zlatanera but if not an option I would go for selling Fazio to fund Caldara. Even if Fazio is better than Caldara now, it won’t take long for Caldara to overtake Fazio’s ability. Caldara / de Ligt could be your partnership for years plus you have another home grown player.
  3. Sky Sports have an article about and an interview with Mo Eisa. I know Mo gets much love in this thread: http://www.skysports.com/football/news/11095/11325243/mo-eisa-interview-from-sudan-to-cheltenham-via-the-eighth-tier
  4. I had Cutrone before in the English Premiership and he hit the ground running. It was third season in though but I think he can hit the ground running. What do others who post in here think?
  5. Dave Tarpey was brilliant for Maidenhead, some of his goals were unreal. Just YouTube him. I live in Bracknell (not far from Maidenhead) and mostly watch Bracknell and other local sides play Hellenic League (step 5). I do try to get to other games and have seen Maidenhead a few times these past few seasons both at step 2 and now step 1. It was a real shame about Tarpey’s injury especially given his age but I really hope he can bounce back although I suspect himself and Barnet will be back at Confetence (step 1) next season. This is a great article about him and the life of a part time footballer: https://www.thenonleaguefootballpaper.com/latest-news/20069/boss-lets-dave-tarpey-leave-work-early-to-travel-225-miles-and-bag-four-goals/ Good luck with your Barnet challenge. Duds
  6. I’m a big fan of Cutrone and he develops really well too. Dembele is also good but I would go for Cutrone myself - if only for the fact he’s Italian.
  7. Bad for you or always scores against you?
  8. 1860 Munich

    Had a great visit to Städtisches Stadion an der Grünwalder Straße for 1860 Munich II vs Schweinfurt II last April. Was a good experience. May dabble with 1860 in a later save.
  9. FM18: Hidden Gems

    Must be a bug then.
  10. FM18: Hidden Gems

    Yes that’s correct.
  11. FM18: Hidden Gems

    Mista is a good coach in the game but not World Class. The cynic in me says that screenshot of Mista shows the game is using the in-game editor.
  12. I didn’t know where to post it and as it was about a player posted it here. One of if the mods please feel free to delete or move. Very sad news, 31 is no age to pass away.
  13. Fiorentina captain David Astori has this morning died suddenly aged 31. Was due to lead side out against Udinese today. Very sad news.
  14. On the left hand toolbar the U18 should be right at the bottom: Home / Inbox / Squad / Dynamics etc all the way to the U23 and U18 at the bottom. If not there then I don't know what has happened. I''m playing as another team (first season) but Morgan Gibbs-White is in Wolves U18 squad. Try searching for him on your game and see exactly where he is.
  15. AS Roma

    No Roma specific thread that I am aware of but they are mentioned a bit in here: