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  1. Usually have Man Utd as my first save then Dortmund followed by Sky Bet Championship. Think I will split between Dortmund and Aston Villa to start with then follow with Man Utd in due course. Have ordered the game but in hospital waiting for a third open heart surgery so will hopefully get going in next fortnight or so. Duds
  2. You can do it already. When searching for staff choose general from the list of filters then personality.
  3. Aston Villa - new money men bought in, kept Jack Grealish. Can they return to the Premier League? Sunderland - what a fall from grace but new owners, debt supposedly cleared and a whole new squad. Most but not all of the higher earners gone though. Fulham - £100m spent on new players, first time a promoted club has done so. Seri, Mawson, Rico, Schurrle etc and they still have Ryan Sessegnon.
  4. For people with a slower computer like myself I sometimes holiday for a bit when I know I won’t get to play much. The two options to tick currently are ‘use same tactics’ and ‘use same tactics and same team’. I’d like to see an option to band games so you can pre-select a starting 11 for top teams, one with a few changes for mid teams and one with multiple changes to the starting 11 for bottom teams. The problem with holidaying is the squad dynamics and unhappiness when you return. This way you can ensure squad members get some game time to help the dynamics. In an ideal world I wouldn’t holiday at all but it’s not a perfect world. Duds
  5. Hi Guys, Apologies for no update from me but spent four nights in hospital after collapsing twice. Turns out I had two cardiac arrests and was only saved by my pacemaker-defibrillator kicking in. I've abandoned my saves for a while to avoid unnecessary stress. I will follow updates here though and wait for FM19 to come out. I've had heart issues my whole life, two open heart surgeries and thankfully had the pacemaker fitted last October. Good luck to all with your saves and I look forward to following your progress. Duds
  6. Been a bit pre-occupied as I’ve been ordering lots of beer and cider for a festival I am organising. Hopefully I can pick up my Nottingham Forest save and update tomorrow. I’ve picked out Southend United for one of my first FM19 saves. Sam Barratt (22) formerly of my club Bracknell Town has just joined them from Maidenhead United and signed his first pro contract. From Non League Step 5 and 6 with Bracknell to step 2 and then step 1 with Maidenhead following their promotion to Conference Premier now to League One. So happy for him. Great talent and great attitude.
  7. NOTTINGHAM FOREST SEASON ONE (2017-18) COMPLETED - SKY BET CHAMPIONSHIP WINNERS COMPETITIONS:- Championship - Football and Football Manager is a funny old game. In my Sunderland save (with a better squad than Forest), I finished runners-up to Wolves but in this save I won the Championship with 97 points, finishing fifteen points ahead of them - used same tactic in both saves. Aston Villa (finished 5th) will face Reading (finished 6th) in the play-off final. FA Cup - expectation was reach fourth round but I made it to the semi-finals before losing to Burnley 3-2 AET, I had led 2-0 at one point. Burnley lost in the final to Southampton who finished bottom of the Premiership and are relegated along with Hudderfield and Swansea. Carabao Cup - expection was reach third round and duly knocked out in third round losing to Man City. TRANSFERS @Jogo Bonito was right about the dross at Forest and needless to say I struggled to sell any players. With five players already on loan and wanting to bring more in, I kept Costil Pantillimon and Tobias Figueirodo but ended the other three loans - Jack Colback, Kieran Dowell and the third one escapes me. As with my Sunderland save, both Ricardo Carvalho and Andrea Pirlo joined me on free transfers and I tried to get Pirlo to reconsider retirement but he duly retired on 31st December 2017 regardless. I needed a striker and a wide player so loan bids were made for Shani Tarashaj and Jon Bautista for the striker position and Hernani and Diego Goncalves for the wide position. All four were accepted buy Tarashaj and Goncalves chose elsewhere so I was grateful to secure the other two. A few staff changes with Phil Neville joining my coaching team, Derek Langley joining as scout and David Moss as Director of Football (made the same three moves on my Sunderland save). Rafael Alkorta joined as assistant manager. TACTICS One of Knap's 4-1-2-3 tactics so my best eleven was: GK: Costil Pantillimon (sweeper keeper) DR: Eric Lichaj (wing-back) DC: Ricardo Carvalho (BPD) DC: Tobias Figueirodo (BPD) DL: Juan Fuentes (wing-back) DM: Andrea Pirlo (DLP) - when Pirlo retired I played Liam Bridcutt as a DM role. MC: Ben Watson (BBM) MC: Ben Osborn (mezzala) AMR: Hernani (inside-forward) AML: Ashkan Dejagah (inside-forward) ST: Jon Bautista (DLF) Bautista fired in 34 goals from 50 appearances in all comps and won Championship golden boot whilst Hernani was Championship Player of the Year. PLANS I don't think any of the on loan players will return so I have already scouted and in process of scouting players from relegated clubs. Sadly I tried to renew Fuentes contract but couldn't afford the signing on fee and agent fee so he's leaving on a free transfer, already agreed to join Espanyol. He had the highest average rating at 7.44 so that's a big blow. I was given a rather generous £43.45M transfer budget but I realistically need an entire new starting eleven for Premiership football. I have managed to renew Ben Brereton's contract with a £20M release clause so that's a massive positive. Had seen him sold for £20M on another save hence the release clause. Currently I have bids in for lots of players but it's going to be very tough in the Premiership, especially as not one single player has any club or clubs after them. I really need to shift some of the dross but it's hard work.
  9. I've picked Nottingham Forest. I've loaded the game but won't get to properly play until tomorrow night and Thursday so will update then.
  10. Just a heads up that after getting promoted from the Championship with Sunderland first season and after my tycoon takeover, I went on to finish 2nd in the Premier League.......obviously the Knap tactic I use is very good but the unrealistic nature of the second season has cheesed me off. I've abandoned my Sunderland save for now and I think I will save them for FM19. That should be fun with the Stewart Donald thing and relegation to League One. I'm going to look for another Championship or League One club to play with, one that definitely won't get taken over in the short term. Enjoying reading everyone's updates.
  11. SUNDERLAND SEASON 1 COMPLETED COMPETITIONS Championship - Finished second behind Wolves. We swapped the lead all season and heading into the last match I was two points behind them. Last match was Wolves at home!!! Sadly a 1-1 draw meant they beat me but automatic promotion was secured. FA Cup - Lost in sixth round (quarter final) to Derby. Expectation was to reach fourth round. Carabao Cup - Lost in third round to Arsenal - expectation was to reach third round. Ultimately my lack of knowledge on the loan rules cost me the title with seven loanees but only five allowed in matchday squad so I had to rotate more than I wanted to. TAKEOVER My Tycoon takeover was completed so not sure how I feel about that. I think it might make the game too easy with the Knap tactic I use. I do have a transfer budget of £61M and a wage budget of £1.7M (current wage is £330k). TRANSFERS I lost all seven loanees plus I let nearly all 2018 expiring contracts go - John O'Shea, Marc Wilson, Billy Jones, Darren Gibson, Kazenga Lua Lua. Jermaine Lens and Fabio Borini have gone on their pre-arranged transfers and more importantly Jack Rodwell has been palmed off to Celtic on a free transfer but his £70k wage has gone!! To be honest he was transfer listed all season and I kept offering him to clubs but no one was coming forward until Celtic piped up. Takeover will help financially but I am still such a poor draw for players that getting Premiership quality players in will be hard and realistically I need a whole starting eleven. Will have to look at promising youngsters I guess. I will look at Ronaldo Beckham's signed players though.
  12. Only five loan players allowed in match day squad and I have seven on loan. Guess a bit of rotation is needed then.
  13. I heartily recommend signing Pirlo. He actually played all 25 league games for me. Sadly I knew he was retiring but he retires on 31st December 2017, not summer 2018 like I thought so he's now gone. JANUARY 2018 TRANSFERS * Samuel Bastien joined on loan from Chievo. He will replace Cattermole with McNair replacing the retired Pirlo. Cattermole replaces McNair on the bench. * Sebastian Jung joined on loan from Wolfsburg. He will be starting DR instead of Matthews. * I let Duncan Whatmore join West Ham. He pushed for the move and I declined and the players were angry saying I should let him go........ so I sell him and they ask why I let him go!!! He went for £12.5M with an extra £3 in add-ons. * West Ham also came in (amongst other clubs) for Lamine Kone and he too was unhappy but as the transfer budget percentage is low, I made West Ham pay £14.5M in full and up-front. I got stung with Whatmore going and only getting £4.6M added to my budget. * Diego Goncalves joined on loan from SLB (Benfica) to replace Whatmore. * Raul Navas joined on loan from San Sebastien (Sociedad) to replace Kone. CURRENT LINE-UP Ortola; Jung, Navas, Carvalho, Oviedo; McNair; Bastien, Hyndman; McGeady, Tarashaj, Goncalves. Actually a pretty balanced side. COMPETITIONS Second in the Championship behind Wolves with thirteen games to play. I'm drawn against Derby in the FA Cup quarter-final. I have beaten Liverpool 5-4 along the way - expectation was to reach fourth round. Lost in Carabao Cup third round to Arsenal - expectation was to reach third round. TAKEOVER ?? Had one possible takeover earlier in the season from a consortium but that fell through. Currently in the midst of another possible takeover from a tycoon. Not sure how I feel about a tycoon - will be great to have the considerable debt wiped out but I worry it will make the game too easy. I won the Premier League second season with West Brom on another save which actually got me down as shouldn't happen so I deleted that save. Really not sure how I feel about a tycoon at all.
  14. Apologies for rather spaced out post above, copied and pasted from Word.
  15. So I’ve decided to play another non-top division save and I’ve plumped for SUNDERLAND, mainly for their stadium and as I have mates who are long suffering Sunderland fans. Just closed the Summer 2017 transfer window and I’m currently top of the Championship and through to the third round of the Carabao Cup (beat Mansfield but only just and then stuffed Rotherham). Tried to overhaul the staff and squad as best as I could. STAFF · I have added Derek Langley (unattached) to my scouting team. · David Moss has joined as Director of Football, his stats were decent and he has ‘perfectionist’ personality. · Bobby Nash (unattached regen) has joined as Head of Youth Development. · Phil Neville and Steve Black joined my coaching team – both were unattached. · Only staff I paid compensation for were a few from Scottish clubs. TRANSFERS · First thing I did was terminate all loans except Jonny Williams (including the two U23 squad loanees). · I started the game on 30th June and immediately had a few unattached players interested in signing for me so I offered a contract to former Chelsea central defender Ricardo Carvalho and he accepted so he’s partnering Lamine Kone in the heart of my defence. · Shani Tarashaj and Emerson Hyndman have joined on loan from Everton and Bournemouth and after getting Hyndman, I also terminated Jonny Williams loan. · Goalkeeper was an issue and after being turned down by a few I managed to get Adrian Ortola on loan from Barcelona B. His eccentricity is 15 so hopefully won’t cost me but his other stats were good and he’s an improvement on what I had. · Moving into August and I noticed a few players were still unattached. Tried to get Kaka but no chance and expected the same when I approached Andrea Pirlo but to my surprise he has joined for a wage of only £1.7k per week !! · All three of my current loans were no monthly fee and paying 50% of the wages. · I still have £36k in the wage budget to play with and £1m transfer budget if needed in January. TACTICS I’m playing one of Knap’s tactics with inside forwards and my current best eleven is: GK: Adrian Ortola (sweeper keeper) DR: Adam Matthews (wing-back) DC: Lamine Kone (ball playing defender) DC: Ricardo Carvalho (ball playing defender) DL: Bryan Oviedo (wing-back) DM: Andrea Pirlo (deep lying playmaker) CM: Lee Cattermole (box to box midfielder) CM: Emerson Hyndman (mezzala) AMR: Duncan Whatmore (winger) AML: Aiden McGeady (inside forward) ST: Shani Tarashaj (deep lying forward) The tactic is supposed to be two inside forwards but Whatmore is so suited to a winger role I’ve gone with that and I’ll have to see how it affects the tactics. Paddy McNair will be back-up to the two centre-backs and also Pirlo who I don’t think will be able to play lots of games. I’m trying to train McNair to play as a central midfielder to give me more options and also Whatmore to play AML so I can play him as an inside forward. I will have to see how that goes for both of them. I chose ‘Reach Play-offs’ in my season expectations so lets see how I get on.
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