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  1. Look at it as - Leaning towards - attacking/Defending etc. This means that the attackers will still train on the skills needed to play as a striker, a defender will still train on his tackling ability etc no matter what training you chose.
  2. Personally, I only load up Really Attacking as one of my 3 Tactics when playing with a Lower League Team ( or a team in the top tier of a weaker league, like when playing in Sweden). Here, I can use it along with Quick Counter as I try to beat the opponent by pure muscels and Physic. When playing with teams in the Prem or other top leagues, I don't see the need for it as a starting version but I do implement it in-match when seing fit. As for formation, I would perhaps go for the 4231 or the Deep 4231 As I watch the game closely, the assistant manager often jus states what I already know so I don't really pay much attention to him but If seing that his reflections ( but not solutions) are spot on, why not try to pause the game and look at the stats and think about why things are happening on the pitch and see if you can change an instruction to the opposite.
  3. With Spurs, I would Control, W&S- Counter and Quick Counter. Will have a look at them using the Wide 4231 as a base. If you want, you could easily tweak them yourself. Just make sure the FC is on a attack dutie in all versions and that we use " play wider " and exploit middle in Control and WS- Counter.
  4. In FM13, this formation was rather exploiting as the opponenst fullabcks/Dmcs would just run back and forward between the wingback and the winger. Personally, I used a formation ( the Gyroscope) that in the end, also exploited the ME and I am rather pleased its not working in Fm14 In my opinion ,the 3 at the back is just too unstable. When in possession, the Dcs ( or the outer Dcs in a 3 Dcs defence) spread faar, faar to wide and one looses the ball in the build up, the opponent basiclly come on-one-one or even 2 on one with central defense., If using a narrow 4 at the back though ( sweeper/libero and 3 Dc), the its a different thing butu then again, you cant use 4 wide players. EDIT: Come on Arsenal !!
  5. ON this topic again. What versions where you looking for and with what team ?. Unless its a whole set, I can upload them for you.
  6. Hi " S" Ideed. have a look atthe different "shouts" in the 4411 set. Then look at the REally attacking, Wide & Stretch and Quick Counter and you will find that those shouts would be suited for using only on strategy ( Control or Counter probably).Just have a look at the spread of the duties in the different version and how its línked to the urgency to get forward, like more runs from DEEP in the slower and probing versions and more runs from AHEAD of the ball on the quicker ones.
  7. Yes, they work on the 14.2. The only difference is that in this patch, key - and to some extended - extended highlight might give you a false picture of what is actually happening on the pitch due to the minor flaws of the ME so you might have to slow things down, use comprehensive and use the analyzing tool tyo understand where you got it wrong/right. ( Yes minor, but they will seem BIG when not watching the games in full. SI are so close now to making an absolutely terrific game) The 442 is perhaps also a formation that would need a different formation in the more cautious versions, perhaps with dropped DMCs. I have used the 4411 and just pushed up the AMC into FC( used one on attack ripping up space and one on support, holding position and wokring hard) and it works in most versions, but not the Slow Standard and Cautious Counter. Here, the MCs get too exposed
  8. I have tried making this formation but in my opinion, its not suitable for a set of 6 versions. I might mighht a small set ( Extra set/versions) like described in the opening post. I have used tghis with top temas and whilst all the versions work for that team, the Slow Standard and Cautious Couinter soimply cant be used with teams like Fulham etc as the formation and just too advanced and too much pressure is put on the back 4 and the players of those teams are simply not good enough.. When I made a set with this formation in FM09/10, I do remember that I used a 4411 in those versions, then labelled Counter and Defensive( that did not use Counter attacks so more like an more agressive Contain).
  9. Thanks for the feedback. I am currently working on this formation and so far, I have "made" the following template or versions. Control Wide & Stertching Counter Quick Counter I loaded them up at the end of my season with Arsenal (2013/14) and here are the results. As you can see, I have conceeded only one goal in 11 matches, including 3 matches against Utd, 3 against Chelsea and one against spurs. Beneath you will also see my version picking and whilst the Quick Counter gave away 60 % possession, I still restricted Chelsea and Utd to longshots taken in vain also restricting them to less than 3, 4, 2...9,3,2 corners in those games. If giving away more coners, we would had conceeded more though. As you can also see, I have not played any games away from home against weak/weaker opponents where I would have used Wide & Stretch so this is to be tested with a top team Will continue working on Really Attacking, Slow Standard and Cautious Counter with a lesser team, like West Ham, Villa or Fulham.
  10. Will have a look at that formation ( That is if the thread it self gets any response, otherwise I might not bother ;D )
  11. You pick à set, a formation and within that set you are provided with 6 different tactics for you to use, all depending on the circumstances. Say you play with Norwich and want to use the narrow Diamond, then you pick the versions you are most likely to be using. Perhaps 2 of the Counter versions and Really attacking etc etc
  12. Thank you both. Think I am going to start my longterm save now as the new update(14.2) is out.
  13. If anyone is at all interested ( ;D ), d you have any suggestion on one more formation for me to get my hands on before I start my longterm save ? If so, then please write back with the exact positions of the players ( rather than a XXX formation). It dont have to be a set but also one single tactic(extra version) using a formation that simply cant be used with all 6 versions, like a cautious version in a deep formatio or an attacking version within an advanced formation yet to be uploaded
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