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  1. What if you can't find anything good with it
  2. Don't need to say anything
  3. Count me in pal
  4. Who did you sign in the summer pal?
  5. Schoolboy error that one
  6. It's a pure gamble Woy is doing by taking Hodgson and one I only see ending badly. Setting a bad example selecting someone who you can count with one hand how many games he's played recently over a consistent Drinkwater. Then again England managers have notoriously been known for selecting players for reputation over form.
  7. Is there success over the past decade because of their constant changing of manager though? Don't get me wrong I respect the amount of trophies they have won over the past decade (and slightly envious of it) but this can't be because of the constant changing of manager. I'd like to see where they would be without Abromovich. Not just because I dislike the club just for curiosity reasons. Managerial stability is mostly fiction these days. The only reason people crave it is because of the modern examples of Ferguson and Wenger. Chopping and changing manager is part of the culture of the game and happens across many sports. Things like Fergie and Wenger for what they have done for a club are just a flash in the pan like Leicester winning the league. People and the media just build it up because they see it as hope but it happens less and less these days because of money and the building unrealistic expectation that is being built in football. I wouldn't build hopes up with Mata and Mourinho being reunited at United. He got rid of him for a reason as he doesn't like lazy wingers. I wouldn't be surprised to see Mata leave at the end of the Euros. On a personal note welcome back to FMS!! Note that my opinion isn't an attack on yours or as a rival fan of Man Utd, just as a football fan in general if you get my drift.
  8. Have always disliked Man United with me being a Liverpool fan but this whole ordeal with Van Gaal and Mourinho is very disrespectful and lacking a lot of class. This is a situation that was always going to happen after Fergie retired. With good times there must also come bad times every club experiences it and it will happen to Arsenal when Wenger leaves. Look at the players they have at the moment and ask yourselves how many of them would get into the City, Arsenal and Spurs team? League standing wise they are probably about where they should be with their squad with the exception of Leicester. Even with Fergie they had some average players but that was one of the great things about Fergie being able to make average players look good. As soon as Fergie retired, at a convenient time I might add, they could no longer attract best players. Moyes struggled to attract any good players and had to settle for Fellaini who should be playing the egg chasing sport. Even Van Gaal hasn't set the world alight with a better reputation than Moyes to bring players in. Is it all going to change under Mourinho? Maybe there's no guarantee he will do much better or bring better players in with them being in the Europa League. I'm actually surprised Mourinho is able to deflate his ego enough to go to a Europa League club. His track record with staying at a club for more than 2 years is pretty poor to say how many trophies he has won. Man United are finding out like Chelsea have that changing the manager constantly does not work. I doubt a Man United under David Gill would have treated Van Gaal this was and for me Ed Woodward has to take some of the blame for all of this. As good as United doing commercially of late, Van Gaal has been given barely any job protection since he has been in the job and I actually feel sorry for him with how he's been treated with the media who as always lack class and respect. I know a lot of United fans who don't want Mourinho. I don't blame them as that club is slowly turning into a club like Chelsea.
  9. Now that is quite a shocking league table
  10. Thanks for running this again mate know it can be a pain in the backside sometimes to do.
  11. Congrats copper
  12. Don't know what you mean mate
  13. Just back from spain in time!
  14. You got Gibbs and Walker's clubs mixed up mate
  15. Week 36: Saturday 30th April 2016 Everton 1-1 Bournemouth 15:00 Newcastle 2-1 Crystal Palace 15:00 Stoke 2-1 Sunderland 15:00 Watford 2-1 Aston Villa 15:00 West Brom 1-2 West Ham 15:00 Arsenal 2-0 Norwich 17:30 Sunday 1st May 2016 Swansea 1-2 Liverpool 12:00 Man Utd 1-2 Leicester 14:05 Southampton 1-2 Man City 16:30 Monday 2nd May 2016 Chelsea 2-2 Tottenham 20:00