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  1. P/T Contracts

    If I can add to this, I'm playing as Basingstoke - almost all of my squad are 'key player' when the game begins, and I can't (physically can't) change their squad status - I mean, it gives me the option, but when I click confirm (or whatever the button is) and check the player he's still key. Also, whenever I try to offer new contracts I can only offer key player.
  2. Someone linked me to this because I was experiencing a similar issue - glad there's a work around!
  3. Hi there, I've tried searching for this but the search terms I used didn't bring anything up - apologies if it has already been highlighted/discussed to death. I play as Basingstoke and made an offer to sign someone on a free. I never got any response from the selling club, so checked the transfer centre where is said 'Offer (contract)'. I'd never had a news item giving me the opportunity to offer a contract so thought this was weird. A week later I got a news item saying the deal had fallen through because I was unable to agree personal terms. I added another manager and made an offer for one of my players to test it out again, got the notification of the offer, accepted the offer (as Basingstoke) changed back to the other team and got no notification of the acceptance, or opportunity to offer a contract. Then got the message about not agreeing personal terms again. Am I missing some other place where messages about transfers are now displayed, or am I doing something wrong? A friend of mine said that it's probably in the design to stop people from adding managers and selling their reserve players for crazy money (an intentional bug, so to speak), but that wouldn't explain my interaction with the AI controlled club earlier. Any advice?
  4. I would suggest, instead of being rude to people, you explain that you are discussing a third party, unofficial, unauthorised program, so they can make their minds up about whether or not to engage with you.
  5. Let's not drag it up again, eh? He's apologised for his tone, and has realised his mistake. Lovely.
  6. But anyhow, enjoy the game, have a good one, and give people the benefit of the doubt next time
  7. If people aren't experienced in balances, etc, I can see the confusion. I think some people may have go wound up a little when you said: 'This is just simple maths' and wouldn't listen. If you had, perhaps, been a little more humble then I think we'd have resolved things even quicker.
  8. Good stuff. Glad we helped.
  9. Is Football Manager scripted?

    To clarify my point, I'm not saying specific events are scripted, just that as there is a very fixed start point, certain clubs will always have the same amount of cash at the start, etc, the second season will normally play out in a similar fashion in every game - but it will diverge more and more between certain games as time moves on.
  10. Konrad, welcome to the game!
  11. Is Football Manager scripted?

    The first year is 'semi-scripted' - in other words, you've got your starting point, and it's very unlikely that after a year there will be a great divergence from the norm. After a few years though you'll see the game starting to go in its own direction, etc. For instance, in my game Basingstoke have won the prem.
  12. Coaching badges

    Oh I see! Yes, I like it.
  13. It says net transfer SPEND, not transfer profit. A negative spend is a profit.
  14. Yep, exactly the same as how you've posted the income screen, please!
  15. Coaching badges

    Just pretend it already does happen. You still tell people you think they'd make good coaches. They say 'would be interested in being a coach' or whatever - imagine this is them starting the badge process. Then when their stats appear, imagine it's them having completed it.