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  1. Oh cmon the Rooney thing was a fix! Fergie asked him to do that so Fergie himself could get some money out the Glazers. Lets not forget Rooney is the only poster boy United have, Liverpool have Torres and Gerrard. United.s best players have been Scholes. Giggs, and Van Der Saar. All retiring, least VDS is! £650million in debt and have to replace your goalkeeper and two best midfielders? sein City spend, spend, spend! and Chelsea wont mind going into the market and spending £35million on a player! and now that LIVERPOOL yes your great north west rivals are now debt free! not just great north west rivals may i also the most succesfull in england?? let alone the north west?? thanks So yeh i can see why Fergie asked Rooney to kick up a stink! A club thats making £50million a year and without the £30+million debt intreast payments on top of that as we where making the odd £10mill or so here and there, thus meaning basically £50million a year we are making! A debt free Liverpool is massive!!!!!!!!!!! p.s and we are one of the SUPERCLUBS! Only club in England that can match us for fan base world wide is United. The rest are far far behined! Chelsea are even behined West Ham! Liverpool, United, Barca, Madrid. Maybe thats all we will agree on
  2. FM 2011 Official System/Specs Thread

    How many leagues will this laptop run? 64bit Windows 7 Intel i5-450( 2.4ghz turbo boost 2.66ghz 640gb HD 4GB 1333MHz Dual Channel DDR3 SDRAM [2x2048] Graphics Card 1GB ATI HD5470
  3. Granted it's £29.99 but you get on friday the 5th November at 00:00 plus you also get 20 of the best megadrive games ever. Im sure this is exactly the same as what Steam are offering? http://uk.gamesplanet.com/buy-download-pc-games/Football-Manager-2011-2073-34.html
  4. FM10: Official Liverpool thread - Home of El Niño

    Same here. £9.6mill transfer kitty and 77k under wage budget. Strange lol. Just beat Portsmouth 3-0 and finished 4th, Man utd 5th. I got £17,537,000 for finishing 4th. £2.4mill paid out in bonuses to the players now my bank balance reads £3.3mill in the black.
  5. FM10: Official Liverpool thread - Home of El Niño

    Thanks il bare that in mind. Since my last post im now just under £10million in the black. 1 game left away to Portsmouth so should have a champions league place sewn up. Then the final versus City who i have just beat in the league 2-1.
  6. FM10: Official Liverpool thread - Home of El Niño

    Anybody here expiriencing financial difficulties with Liverpool? Im on patch 10.2 i had just over £30million in the bank i have sold over £15million worth of players and spent just £1.1million on players mainly loan signings becouse i have been ravaged with injuries! im now £4.2million in the RED. 77K a week under my wage budget too. £3.5million going out the club every month becouse of bank loans. Im in the final of the FA Cup against Man City,im 4th in the league played 36games Man Utd joint 4th with me on 73points. To top it all off Fernando Torres has just been ruled out of action for 7 to 8 months with damaged cruciate ligaments. Im getting far to many injuries and as for next season i wouldnt be suprised if i start with a 10 point deduction if the situation carrys on.
  7. Cant do a half time team talk it wont allow me. Also when i hit the pause button to pause it then then hit the button again to play it wont move. Match freezes basically. Have to go on holiday to get the result.
  8. The FM 2010 Graphics & Skin Installation Guide

    Cheers. All's well now.
  9. The FM 2010 Graphics & Skin Installation Guide

    I downloaded a logo and competition logo megapack for FM2010. Some of the logos are old and or are missing. Also in General Info in your squad where it says Nationality the flags of the players nation have gone to the logo of there individual football associations. Such as English players flags are the Three Lions. Isit possible for me to deleate these and the origional logos will still be there? Thanks.
  10. Exact thing happend to me just 10 minutes ago!!
  11. Just ordered it through Amazon. Guaranteed by 1pm Saturday. The games itself cost £25.48 so thats not a problem but, P&P cost me £8.80 but being in love with the game thats a small price to pay i suppose
  12. Your team for Football Manager 2010?

    Liverpool or Rangers or Linfield. One of the three
  13. I'm going to cancel my order with Zavvis because .....

    I canceled mine too. Cheers for the info i never knew about that site. I shall have a look.
  14. Revolutionary Tactic

    Exact same here. When i was manager of Estudiantes de La Plata Agustín Alayes got me 16 goals from centre back, even scored 4 goals in one game against LDU Quito. Even with Standard Liege i bought Leo from Gremio and hes got 7 goals in 6 games so far.