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  1. How many leagues will this laptop run? 64bit Windows 7 Intel i5-450( 2.4ghz turbo boost 2.66ghz 640gb HD 4GB 1333MHz Dual Channel DDR3 SDRAM [2x2048] Graphics Card 1GB ATI HD5470
  2. i think the Ukrainian league has less than 30 and its not a bad league.
  3. No its not a nickname. The actuel name is Madrid Royal Football Club,dosnt the badge have the crown on it? I dont believe Real is a nickname,its just there way of sayin Royal. Los Blancos, Los Merengues are the nicknames and they translate into,The Whites and the The Jambs so really there nickname is The Whites, not the Royal or the Royalists or whatever.
  4. The ability to be able to give players month to month contracts,although this wouldn't happen in the premier league you see it all the time in the lowers leagues and its vital to some clubs. Also 3mth contract 6mth contract happens alot in the lower leagues and i also agree with the emergency loan system.
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