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    been playing since good old days of amiga, started with champ manager italia as a pressie and never

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    computers , hillwalking and golf

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    celtic and clydebank

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  1. I was going to start a journeyman game but thought this would be just as good, I`ve picked Hereford and used the saved game available. here is my profile, updates to follow ,
  2. at the end of every match I get the same error message, the game doesnt crash and I can play on
  3. Thanks, just read my reciept properly and a boxed version has been despatched, I`m officially a fanny, thought I`d bought a download
  4. did anybody pre order from game, I`ve been playing beta ok but didnt get an update. should I have got another code?:confused:
  5. I`m 51 and been playing since champ manager italia on the amiga, keep saying every year that its the last but I read the forums , watch the videos and listen to the blogs and before I know it I`m playing the beta or the demo. then I`m like a kid on xmas morning waiting for the release.
  6. what a laugh , plugged it in and beat Barca 2-0 first game, better try to get it fluid pretty sharpish
  7. Going to try this on my celtic save because as in real life I am winning every thing domestically but cant buy a point in the champions league, keep you posted with results.
  8. Havent been on for a while but I thought I would let you know how I`m getting on with your file, got the crash dumps sorted first turned out I had another file conflcting with it. Now on season 5, clydebank now in premiership and europe, not bothered about the cup venues or tv dates just enjoying your hard work. Thanks once again for putting the fun back in the game, I will probably download the latest version when I restart as an amatuer team.
  9. any one else getting a crash dump after about 4 weeks with this, 5 restarts, 5 crash dumps. this is the only editor data file loaded, any suggestions welcome
  10. Just a quick note to say thanks for all your effort, just finished pre-season at Clydebank and it looks great so far, its brought a new lease of life to a game I was starting to get bored with
  11. thank you, will let you know how it works with my Celtic save
  12. Looking excellent, your hard work is appreciated and I cant wait til you are finished
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