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  1. I hope this isn't intentional, because it's really annoying. Best way to explain is to give an example: In my Squad View, Tobias Evjenn (other examples also highlighted) is stated to have 19 appearances and 9 goals, but an xG of 0.00. The xG of 0.00 is because he's never appeared in an actual first team game, and presumably xG isn't counted for reserve fixtures. Surely when looking at my first team, Moss 2 appearances shouldn't count? Here's his profile, where "League" appearances also count reserve team fixtures. And here's his History page, which correctly states he's neve
  2. Yeah, it's a "zonal" vs. "man marking" thing. Go Back just means they'll go back and defend the area, picking up runs or milling about in the area waiting for the ball to be knocked down, whatever seems the most logical thing for them to do given their position and relative size/skills based on their own decision making ability. Man Mark means they'll pick a player and stick to him. It's good to have a mixture, as if a player is Man Marking a speedy/agile player and they suddenly make a break for the back post or something, the guy man marking him might not react quick enough, w
  3. Anecdotally, I'm definitely seeing more penalties than I'd expect, and missing a lot more than I'd expect too (I've also had multiple penalty misses per game). The EPL is suffering from the highest number of penalties per game in history this year at 0.53. 75% of them are scored on average. I haven't looked at the actual stats in FM this years but they *feel* off. Will check later.
  4. If your U23 manager is in charge of team selection then he's... in charge. Of team selection. You might've made some senior players available for him to select but he's got no obligation to play them if he doesn't think they're good enough.
  5. So, this was answered in the very next post I read, haha. Mods, if you want to delete this post, feel free. My bad for not looking hard enough! So the jumping reach stat takes height into account. A player with good JR will be good in the air even if he's 5'7 (he'll just be less likely to HAVE a good JR stat if he's 5'7).
  6. Since the dawn of time, I've always assumed I knew how this worked, but I never actually thought to check. Here's me thinking to check: Is Jumping Reach relative to height, or absolute? And does height actually matter independently? I've always assumed that height is the "base" for how good someone would be at winning headers, and then Jumping Reach modifies it to account for shorter players who are especially good in the air. So height definitely matters, but a deficit can be overcome with training. Then Heading comes into play to decide how good the actual header is when FM's dec
  7. To my mind, it's basically the opposite of "pass into space", so logically if it was a tactical instruction it would be used in the opposite situations. Therefore, I'd want it on: - Not overly tall, slower forwards who wouldn't necessarily win headers and don't have the pace to run onto a through ball. Bergkamp types. Maybe older guys who've lost a step physically but are still technically good players on the ball. - Players who play in an area of the pitch where there isn't going to be much space, like AMC or more attacking MCs, who are great on the ball but maybe not the most mobil
  8. Glad you managed to win 6 in a row, because I don't think those finances could take a relegation haha. Gotta love a chairman who lets you spend more money than you're in debt by. Definitely agree that Maynard, at 5'5 with 8 strength, is much more suited to being a wide player than a BWM! Hilarious that one of his best stats is heading; when does he get chance to practice that? ;p
  9. Squad Overview Transfers In Firstly, three youth prospects released by local big clubs on youth release day: Lukas Thorsen Hall (ST, Valerenga) Hasan Jahic (DC, Sarpsborg) Oliver Midtgard (ST, Sarpsborg) Then a loanee made permanent on a free: Besian Kadri (DM/DC/DR, Lorenskog IF) Then a loanee made... a loanee for a bit longer: Saadiq Faisal Elmi (DL/WBL/ML/AML, Grorud IL - Loan)
  10. Welcome To Moss There appears to be an electric vehicle recharging station in midfield... Interesting interpretation of "engine room". Moss is a city approximately 50 minutes' drive south of Oslo in south eastern Norway, quite near the Swedish border. The name "Moss" is thought to be derived from the old Norse for "divide" or "split". With a population of circa 37,000 people, the city is the 11th largest in Norway and roughly equivalent in population to Salisbury or Stirling in Britain. A pretty industrial city, known for shipping and the ironworks historically, and also pa
  11. Didn't seem like you were at the Owls for ten minutes before leaving haha. Fancied the challenge of keeping Wolves in the Prem, or didn't think you could go up with Wednesday? Nice to see Rovers in the Championship too, albeit only a point above relegation!
  12. Been binge-reading this over the last few days, loved it all. Love your writing style Which do you hate more I wonder? Cups, The FA, or Spurs? :P
  13. Ah, I see. I didn't realise you were planning to replace them. Yeah, that would indeed end up costing more! I'm at Moss in Norway currently. They took longer to fall and didn't have as far to go but they've been pretty ruined over the last 20 years or so. It's a journeyman so I'm not necessarily planning to stay here but it's interesting for sure.
  14. Enjoying the updates, I've always been wanting to try a save with a club massively in debt (I sort of am at the moment by accident, might do a thread on it, bit nowhere near Bolton levels of debt!). One thing though about the above quote, mutual terminations still save you money overall. Let's say a guy is making £20k a year but agrees to mutually terminate for £15k, you still save £5k overall except you pay it all at once. So depending on the savings you make it could be worth doing. In the face of a £34m shortfall though, probably not. 😂
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