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  1. I... I think we just broke the streak... Both of the former Rovers players that I signed for Lincoln scored, Harrison getting a hat-trick (the last of which being his fifth goal in two games). Also, Rovers still have 4 players that I signed for them in the first team, and recently sold another of my signings for £850k to a Championship team. They're 20th in the league, we're - amazingly - third. I want to believe that Nick Higgs is still insisting that firing me was a good move.
  2. Your scout reckons Oosting is definitely a 3* PA player in his opinion (which automatically makes him the best of the 3 according to your scout, especially because he's already better than the others and is younger), but he COULD be 5*PA, your scout isn't sure. The others are all 2.5* PA for sure, maybe 3.5* at max.
  3. Same here... I can't manage any team that I hate in real life (Aston Villa, real life local rivals (Torquay, Exeter, Plymouth, Swindon, Bristol City), etc). I have a ridiculous bias towards Bristol Rovers players I like in real life, even when not managing Bristol Rovers. Likewise, I have a massive bias against John-Joe O'Toole, but luckily since he's awful that's less of a problem. I also have a massive bias towards Welsh teams and players. And some players I just like their names, so when I take over a team and know very little about the team, I'll just pick the players with cool names. E
  4. Former clubs, and co-promoted clubs. Started a game as Truro City (local to my birthplace) and got promoted to the Conf National, then the expected terrible second season due to lack of signings lead to me leaving for newly-relegated Bristol Rovers (the team I support). Got them promoted back to the football league, then got fired the next season for a mid-table finish (virtual Nick Higgs is very realistic, what can I say?). Ended up back in Conference National with Lincoln. Got promoted the first season, and grinded out mid-table finishes in the next two. Throughout the whole save so far,
  5. The only time a 5th place is offered is when the defending Champions League or Europa League winners don't qualify for next year's tournament. Then they get to qualify automatically because of that time Liverpool cried and threw a hissy fit until UEFA let them in (and then Spurs cried and threw a hissy fit until UEFA changed the rules again). So there are four qualification spots (1-4th) in the Premier League). The winners of the CL automatically qualify in addition to the other four if they don't finish in the top 4. 5th place never, ever gets into the CL via the league, although last seas
  6. I reckon they would have been using short passing with an attacking mentality and high tempo. Not retaining possession. To me, retaining possession is more of a defensive thing, where you try to keep the ball at all costs so that the other team can't attack, and don't take any risks in order to not give the ball away. The tiki-taka style is all about fast paced attacking football. The reason they happen to retain possession so much is that they're all damn good footballers and tend not to make poor passes leading to interceptions. That's not what the Retain Possession instruction is for at al
  7. You can definitely arrange them as a human player too, so if it is a bug then it's not every player that's affected. Maybe it has something to do with him still being a first team regular? What's his squad status?
  8. What I usually do is the following: - Look at whose contracts are ending, and decide who you can afford to keep. It might be worth letting a star player go if his wage demands would take up most of your remaining budget, for instance. - Once you've got rid of the dead wood (players with contracts ending that aren't good enough to extend or too expensive for what they bring to the team), look at your remaining team and identify where your squad most needs improvement. The star ratings can be helpful here but remember they're relative to your overall team, so a 5* player is fantastic compared
  9. Yeah, it uses the same job center that the player uses in-game, so it shows all available football jobs, not just management jobs. It's pretty cool for immersion, but I understand your frustration at being taunted with so many jobs you can't have.
  10. I think, it's because of the reputation of the league. I've noticed it affects teams in conference N/S too, even if they're professional.
  11. If memory serves, Forfar are semi-professional, so none of the above FIFA rules apply to your players. They're not full-time professionals, whereas Hearts are, so their players are protected by the FIFA rules. Queen of the South are (if memory still serves) a professional club, even if they suck. So of course players are going to want to go and play for them.
  12. noikee's post is brilliant advice! I'd also add that while your approach to picking an initial team is similar to mine, it needs a bit of refinement. I would advise not just picking the best 11 players based on star ratings. While this will usually be your best 11 players overall, that doesn't mean they'll be the 11 most effective in a given formation. By all means, keep these 11 players in mind (I usually select a bench, too, during this process so that you can switch a few players out if needed), but here's how I do it (disclaimer: I'm not amazing either, but I can usually at least chall
  13. Big Italian clubs tend to have huge (by British standards) squads because they have a lot of youth players who spend a lot of their time out on loan to smaller clubs, and a lot of them are 'part-owned', too. 54 players in the first team squad though is... I think I know why the last guy was fired.
  14. I never really use a DoF to be honest. I find a Head of Youth Development to be crucial, but I've never found a DoF has the same kind of value to me. My assistant can try to find homes for my deadwood players just as effectively, and the rest of the stuff my DoF can do I like doing myself. The few that I've used in the past (I play it that if there's a DoF in place when I join a club, I use the option that he can only be fired by the chairman, as I figure in reality it wouldn't be my say) have occasionally turned up a good player, and they are very useful for finding loan players at smaller
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