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  1. I have no additional graphics installed though. I figured out that if I left the fixtures screen and then went back to it, then the game didn’t crash.
  2. I've started up a new game on FM18 touch and on the first day whilst organising pre-season friendlies, I get a crash dump. I've even started a new game but it still does it. I've followed the FAQ by deleting cache, preferences, etc but has still done it. I've uploaded the crash dump file. FMT 2018 v18.3.0.1069756 (2018.03.24 16.36.34).dmp
  3. First time attempt at this challenge. I've gone for Marine.
  4. I've had a lot of time away from FM and this forum due to work and family commitments and just decided to pay a visit on the off chance. I was surprised to see a thread I started a few months back on the 1st page. I will have a good read through it now.
  5. Just managing to get my head around the TC and Touchline Shouts now. I was just interested in how people decide what strategy to start with. I'll try and list the possible factors: 1. Pre Match Odds 2. Opposition Scout Report 3. League Positions 4. Form 5. Home or Away In my Hinckley save I have been using the Pre Match Odds, but sometimes I am the underdog against teams in mid table despite being 1st after 22 games. I'm thinking that I'd be better off using Scout Reports. What makes you decide your starting strategy?
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