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  1. Tottenham no signings Home and Away tactic!!!!!!FM20.4.1BEOWULF442KnapP104ECFA.fmf
  2. Real Betis media prediction 9th no signings Home !!!!!!FM20.4.1BEOWULF442KnapP104ECFA.fmf AWAY !!!!!!tweaked top team away FM20.4.1BEOWULF442KnapP104ECFA.fmf
  3. No just away games search for a video on YouTube quadruple winning system 442, he explains how to get the best from the tactic, the only thing I changed is I used the the away tactic in all away games
  4. Bournemouth no signings Home !!!!!!FM20.4.1BEOWULF442KnapP104ECFA.fmf Away !!!!!!tweaked top team away FM20.4.1BEOWULF442KnapP104ECFA.fmf
  5. No signings lost the title on last game of the season BEOWULF442KnapP104ECFA
  6. No signings if you have played as Marseille you will know how small their squad is BEOWULF442KnapP104ECFA
  7. yes I did used the same tactic except the second season in the Premier League which I used the 4141 for away games
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