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  1. It must be easier to get rid of players who you don't like and who know they'll never play for you again. In my case, Damien Duff sitting in the Newcastle reserves on 60,000 pounds a week. I've offered him to other clubs for 0 (zero) pounds and no one's interested. In older version of FM you had the ability to pay part of a player's wages if he agreed to go to another club and I wish we could see this again. I'm sure that while there are a few Winston Bogardes out there -- players who are happy to sit in the reserves for 40,000 a week -- most professional players would want to play as often as they could and if a manager said "You're never going to appear for this club again as long as I'm in charge," the player would get the hint and go somewhere else.
  2. 12 years on CM3 with Liverpool. Right now I'm in my third season with NUFC on the 8.02 patch, which is about the most enjoyable version of the game I've seen for quite a while.
  3. 1) I agree entirely with the comments on the board's confidence in you. With two games to go in the first season, my Newcastle side were unexpectedly six points clear at the top of the Premiership, and my board was "satisfied" with my performance. That's it. In real life, they would have been delirious. 2) It should be much easier to buy the best players from sides who have just been relegated. In real life, teams who go down want to cut costs, and the best way of doing this is sellng the best players.
  4. I'd like to see two things: 1) Relegated clubs more prepared to sell off their best players and those players being more willing to leave their relegated club 2) A halt to the lunacy whereby players who pick up a knock complain when they're substituted. The other day Flavio, one of my striker,s was injured early in the game and his condition immediately fell from 90 percent to 65 percent. So I took him off and the commentary said "Flavio doesn't look happy about that". He was crocked. What else was I supposed to do?
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