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  1. This is my first post since November 27th, 2009, the system tells me. I thought FM 8.02 was the best version ever, fun to play and just buggy enough to let you think you'd be able to outsmart the AI occasionally. I bought FM 2009 and quickly gave up, took a look at the demo of FM 2010 and decided not to buy it for the first time since 1997. The whole game seems to have drowned in unnecessary bureaucracy. At one point I found the message "Your assistant coach thinks XYZ is the best crosser of the ball" and then I have to decide if I agree or not. So what? Who cares? I just want to play the game without fretting that my team is going to flop because I didn't spent 55 hours creating a special training programme for one particular player. It's become too boring.
  2. This is the first year since 1998 that I have not dashed out and bought the game the second it was released. Reading all these comments, I'm rather glad...
  3. Not only is it not as fun as 8.02 was, but it's so slooooooooooow. You have to swim through treacle to actually get anywhere on this game. I'll log back on again in October and take a look at the promised features for FM 2010.
  4. Am I the only person who perhaps doubts the appearance of this image on Twittter was "a leak" and somehow "accidental"? What better way to boost talk about the new game (and spend not a penny on advertising to boot) than arrange for a picture to "accidentally" make its way onto Twitter and then "accidentally" be discovered?
  5. Erick Delgado is a handy Peruvian GK. I got 19 million pounds in my first season for promosing to avoid relegation. I could have got more by promising a better performance but I tried to keep it realistic. Keirrison cost me 12 million and Mbia cost me 6.5 million.
  6. Yes, Macin Wasilewski from Anderlecht. He's a great buy. And someone else worth looking out for is Deivide Sembreras from a Russian side, who regularly gets transfer listed for peanuts.
  7. I also bought Lewandowski as a striker and Sembreras, the transfer-listed DC who plays for some Russian side, as well as Goosens (the DL) and Beevers. I signed both Rufete (AMR) and Ze Eduardo (a promising Brazilian DMC/MC) on frees and brought in Lacen (a very aggressive DMC) in on a season's loan from Racing Santander. My side isn't really hacking it very well in the Premiership and I'm wondering whether I'll have to sacrifice my 4-4-2 formation for something more cautious. Four games in and QPR are 13th with four points. Results: (a) 2-4 vs Man Utd. I had no chance to begin with and things didn't get any better after Lacen was given a straight red for a two-footed lunge. The highlight was two cracking goals from Keirrison (h) 0-0 vs Villa. We were lucky, thanks mainly to Delgado (a) 3-2 vs West Brom. We were 3-0 up after 25 minutes and then hung on. Delgado made 10 saves (h) 0-0 vs Blackburn. I need a more experienced strike force My team is: GK - Delgado (back-up Cerny) DR - Ansaldi (Wasilewski) DL - Masilela (Goosens) DC - Caceres (Cacapa) DC - Miranda (Connolly) MR - Rowlands (Ansaldi/Rufete) ML - Krivets (Ephraim) MC (attacking) - Centeno (Rowlands/Parejo) MC - Mbia (Appiah) FC - Keirrison (Balanta) FC - Lewandowski (Salvio/Cristaldo)
  8. Got 19 million pounds to avoid relegation and spent most of it on Mbia as DM and Keirrison as the striker. Got Zenden and Cacapa on frees and hoping to find cheap AMR to back up Rowlands.
  9. Won the Championship on the last day when Cardiff -- needing a draw to take top spot -- lost 2-1 away to Forest on an 84th minute goal.
  10. If you can raise a few million, buy the following four defenders, and I guarantee you'll do well. DL - Masilela (250,000 pounds), or Insua on a loan DR - Wasilewski (100,000) DC - Caceres, the 29-year-old Paraguayan (about 4.5 million) DC - Miranda (about 4 million) It sounds like a lot of money but the advantage is that you won't concede many goals. I've had Caceres and Miranda for my last three QPR saved games and on each occasion we've won promotion, letting in the fewest goals every time.
  11. We won promotion with two games to go, thanks to an unbeaten run of 16 games and a very easy run-in. Cardiff are still 2 points ahead and have the same kind of unproblematic remaining games as I do, so I reckon we'll finish 2nd. But that's no big blow. I'm not sure I'll keep Bojinov next season (he keeps getting crocked and only has a composure of 10) so I might try to get Keirrisson, although he'll no doubt cost more than half of next season's transfer kitty.
  12. I sold Vine and used the money to help buy Ansaldi, the super good DR/WBR/MR who plays for Rubin Kazan, and suddenly I'm playing the same team every game. In early March we're second, three points behind Cardiff, and win virtually all the home games and draw most of the away matches. We beat just close rivals Birmingham 2-1 with goals in the 90th and 92nd minutes, so I'm feeling pretty optimistic. My team is: GK - Cerny DR - Ansaldi DL - Masilela DC - Caceres DC - Miranda MR - Rowlands ML - Krivets MC - Centeno MC - Appiah FC - Bojinov FC - Balanta Balanta is one of the most infuriating players I've ever dealt with. My assistant tells me the player "has trouble motivating himself to play for you" and his low scores for determination, composure and decisions make him a pain. But every time I think about selling him he pops in a couple of goals, so I'm going to hold off getting rid of him. I'm selling Jordi off on a free and am bringing in Michael Stewart on a free in the summer. My first priority will be to buy a couple of strikers.
  13. So I started a new game, giving myself Bojinov on a season's loan. I signed the usual suspects but decided not to buy Rat, who I always buy. I have Boro midfielder Shawky on a season's loan and Insua on loan too from Liverpool. I bought Krivets and Masilela and got Appiah, Fiore and Smertin on frees. One great bargain was Polish international defender Marcin Wasilewsky from Anderlecht, a steal at just 120,000 pounds. At the start of the new year in my first season I am top on goal difference from Sheffield United but haven't won an away game for months, so I'm sure I'll slip down the table. It's a real slog and we seem to be playing twice a week, every week. My team in a 4-4-2: GK - Cerny (good enough for the Championship, but I have Delgado coming in) DR - Chica (bought for a million from Espanyol) DL - Masilela (back-up Insua) DC - Caceres (back-up Wasilweski/Ramage) DC - Miranda (back-up Connolly) MR - Rowlands (back-up Ephraim) ML - Krivets (back-up Cook/Ephraim) Attacking MC - Jordi (back-up Fiore/Rowlands) Defensive MC - Shawky (back-up Appiah/Smertin) FC - Bojinov (problem with him is a low concentration stat) FC - Balanta (back-up Vine/Helguson/Salvio) I sold the usual suspects as soon as I could -- Blackstock, Routledge, Ramage, Hall, Stewart, Mahon, Leigertwood, Agyemang and Delaney, none of whom are really good enough to do well consistently in the Premiership. It's early January and I just sold Bukcsaky to Reading for 2.1 million pounds, partly because I need the money and also because I'm fed up him whining all the time about how he doesn't get enough playing time. I just got Zuculini and have about 1.9 million to spend, so I'm on the prowl for a good experienced defender. I think I'll try to get rid of Vine and Helguson as well.
  14. Nonononono, he's useless. Got just 14 goals for me in my first season at QPR. He may eventually come good but you want someone who can fit in right away and this guy certainly won't do that.
  15. FM2009 Golden Oldies

    Smertin is 34 and is good for a couple of seasons in the Championship at least.