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  1. Gamepass player here: Is there a mod for a combined Belgium/Netherlands league ala https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=3082346259? Thank you!
  2. Is there anyway that this can be made into a Super League? Would love to have a challenger to the Canada/US/Mexico triopoly. Ditto for a Central American league as well
  3. In terms of speed, is it ok if I just do MLS as playable, then view-only for the rest? I want to play as Toronto FC, and have my Academy team play fixtures in MLS NEXT Pro, but the development between playable/view-only seems to be quite minimal this year, particularly if a human is managing a team! I like the Next Pro for development reasons, but TBH don't want to waste processing power on results and full simulation on Ballard FC in USL II. Thank you!
  4. Thank you for this. Started a game with Toronto FC, but was disappointed to see that TFC 2 never had any games scheduled. Having Nextpro loaded should really help then!
  5. Thank you for this! Unfortunately, because of some other mods I'm running, I'm having real problems with getting this to validate. However, I'm really interested in the journalism/media aspect of the Megapatch for immersion purposes. Is there anyway that I can just use that?
  6. Hvala Puno Is there anyway that the countries can be preserved (Croatia, Serbia, etc) while still keeping the Yugoslavian league? I'd like to play something similar to the ABA league in Basketball with many countries in one league. Cheers
  7. Fantastic. Can't wait to try this out! Thank you for your ongoing work on this
  8. Would it be possible for anyone to make an Adriatic league, which would be a throw-back to the old Yugoslav First League? The ABA league exists in basketball, and it would be fantastic to create something similar in FM with teams from Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina ,Slovenia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Kosovo.
  9. Once released, is there anyway that we can only download parts of this file? For example, I would only want to reactivate the former Yugoslavia as a league, keeping each of the countries separate like the ABA Basketball league! Hvala
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