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  1. Why do have morale issues with some players? We have just got promoted, against the odds, and after 10-15 games, despite the media predictions we are in a very healthy 12-13th place. There are a few players who are regulars in my first 11, who are playing well and have no concerns in their "personal" section (one of them even has "pleased to have signed a new contract!") yet have morales of poor or very poor. How can I cheer them up?
  2. Oh just thought of another one too. I understand it's best to leave your players playing a new tactic for 10-15 games to let it gel. But what happens if you play a different formation home and away? Or similar formations but with many different settings? Do the players learn both or does it disrupt things?
  3. How can I stop my fullbacks from rubbish passbacks to the goalkeeper that keep getting intercepted? Is it something fundamental in my tactics or simply a match engine flaw? It seems to happen on quite a regular basis.
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