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  1. Just a couple of pieces of information uncle Ron about Faversham Town. 1. The stadium is now called the "Shepherd Neame Stadium" because our sponsorship with Shepherd Neame. Although, many people still know it " Salters Lane". 2. We have many nicknames, such as The Sorters and The Creeksiders. But, our most popular nickname is " The Lilywhites". These are very minor issues with faversham on this.
  2. Ok thank you phnompenhandy and uncle ron. Don't know what I did, but I have got it to work!
  3. Sorry to keep asking questions, but I'm stuck on step 5. I have done everything up to step 5 but when I go to start a new game it says "Would you like some help setting up your game". When I press yes it doesn't say anything about the LATEST file (v6.0) or Deselecting ALL OLD VERSIONS! Any help would be much appreciated.
  4. Do I need to download this if I use steam or does it auto-download onto it?
  5. Hi Uncle Ron 2 more quick questions before release today. 1. Do you get a transfer budget because nearly all transfers in these leagues are free transfers? The only time you would receive a money bid would be if a professional club came in for a player. 2. Do Clubs/ is it possible to add all real player names to the teams? Thanks You in advance and great work. I can't wait.
  6. Hi Uncle Ron. I have never played this before, but I think this is a great idea. Especially since rather than reporting for Faversham Town's 1st team. I can manage them! Do you have a rough date that you think this could be ready for. Perhaps the start of November?
  7. I don't use this, but obviously some people do and the custom highlights looks good. Can SI answer a couple of questions please: 1. Can you say what the blogs are going to be about before you post them or not? 2. Are you doing any blogs over the weekend? ( You didn't say anything like we will be back tommorow or that's it for this week) Thanks and all the blogs so far only seem to be further improving the game in my eyes.
  8. As the title asks, what is your greatest achievement on fm11? I just completed mine. I got Mk dons promoted to the premiership in my 3rd season after beating Leicester in the play off final 3-0 (aet). Also I didn't cheat once throughout this save I promise! However, what I think is more impressive is that I managed to do this with just 60k spent on wages throughout the entire club per week!
  9. Hi everyone. I know that lots of people have talked about this, but I think that you should be able to do something with your wages. Now, I'm aware this " Football Manager".However, I'm going to say that if your out of a job and have a highish reputation you should be able to own a club lower league club . Of Course, if you own a club you can also manage the club, which i'm sure most people would do! For people who don't know michael hughes is set to take over Sittingbourne Football Club.My proposal is this: that managers with big repuations in management or even big repuations from playing and are set to manage are allowed to own a lower league club( from the conference down to the Ryman south). I know this would also need teams in Ryman leagues to be researched. However, i feel that it would add an extra dimnesion to the game and stop people from managing clubs.
  10. Your greatest ever FM achievement

    In Fm10 I managed to get Luton to the finish 5th in the premiership and win the league cup ( after beating birmingham 6-4 in the final) In my 1st season in the premiership. This was in 2017/2018 season.
  11. I'm playing as Blackburn on the 11.3 patch. Therefore, obviously I have Mauro Formica. I finished in 12th the 1sts season and I'm in November and I'm 7th. I looked at Formica's profile ( just out of interest) He still hasn't learnt english yet. He doesn't even know the basics. I was wondering how long it has taken some off your players to learn English.
  12. Ronaldinho

    Has Anybody signed him on the 11.3 patch because he seems to be interested in joining most clubs in the top half of the premiership and Birmingham as well. Is he worth his wages and does he cost as little as his value implies ( around 12 million)?
  13. Board Takeover...

    Just make sure that whatever you do now, DO NOT HAVE A DIP IN FORM! that's the only way you'll get sacked