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  1. The way this window is unfolding then next season has to be Wenger's last season.
  2. Getting both would be lovely even if the striker is Vardy. We do need the numbers.
  3. Would like a playmaker after this, the club should definitely sound out Gotze and Isco.
  4. I am very intrigued by this. At least by Walcott's impersonation earlier last season there's a basis for success for such a player.
  5. Pedro is the real one stealing a living. Vasquez is a decent sub option.
  6. Not like Coquelin has any attachment to his various kit numbers.
  7. At least we'll have a more convincing CL group stage campaign with Xhaka. We were awful in midfield against trash sides in Olympiakos and Zagreb.
  8. Xhaka and Coquelin for one spot. Elneny, Ramsey and Cazorla for the other. Unless system change Wilshere will mostly play wide, just too many players for 2 spots.
  9. Still think Özil is more likely to re-sign than Alexis.
  10. Coquelin deserves no amount of "prestige".
  11. This is a typical Arsenal mess as per.
  12. We actually stole second place. We are absolute frauds.
  13. Looks like Xhaka is getting closer, shame it'll be a year too late.
  14. Giroud seems slower and more lethargic lately even though he's barely played much since February. Bit of a mess the side atm. Coquelin is even more terrible than usual with the ball, Gabriel is showing no improvement even with game time and Cech is getting beat too often at the near post from shots outside of the box since he has been back from injury. Luckily our form till January was alright because we've been trash since that Liverpool game.
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