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  1. World Cup Winners

    Paraguay beat England in 2010 final
  2. Does anyone manage in MLS?

    Hey... somebody's gotta defend our quirky little league! When i'm on the forums, i'm always on the prowl for MLS threads. Can be difficult to find active ones, though ;P When '10 comes out, we MLS supporters should get an online game going. Now THAT would be sweet.
  3. Does anyone manage in MLS?

    I've had lots of success in MLS. Like I said before 3 seasons is about my limit there, and i've had saves where i've won 3 straight US Open Cups, 2 MLS titles, Superliga championships, etc. With FC Dallas I was able to win the CONCACAF Champions league and qualify for the Fifa Club World Cup. Never played it though because, well as we've established, MLS gets annoying (so I took a job with Aston Villa or some similar upper-middle EPL team). I find it incredibly easy to win in MLS. Trade worthless draft picks, foreign slots, and allocation cash for good players, then win. That's what i meant before about how poor the trading system is executed. It's too darn easy.
  4. Does anyone manage in MLS?

    You have to understand what the MLS is trying to do. I'm sure that when it comes to strictly footballing and namely attracting big name players in a computer game your system will be great. When it comes to developing a league that is 13 years old in a country with 4 wildly popular professional sports leagues that are deeply rooted in American culture, the MLS is doing a solid job in my opinion. Is it perfect? Absolutely not, not even close. The fact that professional footballers make as little as $15k (US) a year is an offense to not just the game, but quite frankly, workers and human rights. But to think that your version of an American Football league in a video game would be better if implemented in the real world than the MLS is kind of silly. And the NFL, which has a strict salary cap, has some of the greatest upsets in professional sports (just look at New England v. New York in the Super Bowl 2 years ago). Yes... in addition to 1 DP spot and trading for up to 1 more, each team gets about 6 foreign player spots, and you can trade for something like 4 or 5 more (my numbers here may be off, but the concept is right) And our youth development system is growing. Teams are allowed to sign 1 player from their youth academies per season. I know Red Bull New York and FC Dallas have already exercised this option, and other teams may have as well. Again we see the balance between developing top talent and parity. We have a bad habit of developing players then losing them to Mexico and Europe, but jeapordizing parity is a scary thing to flirt with in MLS. If a side that draws 9k fans to home games begins losing every game because they can't afford players (theorizing that the salary cap is disposed of and teams own their own players as opposed to the league owning them), I can promise that team would fold within 2 years. Sorry for being so long-winded and sporatic. I'm also not an MLS fanboy, I just want to both play Devil's advocate and try to explain why MLS does what it does. Their are legit Football people and legit Business people doing the best they can for the league, and while not perfect, it's important to understand what they do.
  5. Does anyone manage in MLS?

    The draft only applies to players coming out of American Universities. Not to players that are already professional. Those players are transfered very similarly to other countries.
  6. Does anyone manage in MLS?

    The MLS has a DP (Designated Player) rule, under which each team gets one DP spot on their roster, where only $400k of their salary counts against the 2.2 million(ish) salary cap. Teams can trade for more DP spots, but no team can have more than 2. Since we're on the topic, I've never been able to trade for a DP roster spot in FM, can it even be done? It seems like the option is there but it's impossible to implement. And the MLS is geared toward slow, gradual growth. The NASL did what you're suggesting in the 70's and the likes of Beckenbaur and Pele were drawing 70k plus to football matches in NYC. But we all saw how that ended (actually, most of you probably didn't see... lol... it folded by 82 or 83). The NASL was, quite simply, top heavy. Their was no solid foundation for which the flash of Pele could stand, so it collapsed. The MLS is building that foundation first. Also, I highly doubt the MLS sees itself competing with the top 3 or 4 leagues in the world within 30 years. What I do see, however, is the MLS as a 2nd tier league (maybe on par with Dutch, Belgium, arguably France depending on who you ask) that is drawing 20-30k fans week in and week out. The MLS is like a kid in middle school (12-14 years old). Lifting weights may put on some flashy muscle, but kids that age end up breaking bones when working out too hard. The MLS is just concerned with eating right and drinking lots of milk so that one day, when it reaches maturity, it can then start lifting weights (ie disposing of or at least loosening restrictions on the draft/salary cap). And just FYI, the MLS player's union is already threatening a work stoppage over the salary cap, so these changes may come soon.
  7. Does anyone manage in MLS?

    Not to get into specifics, but a LOT of what MLS does is based on achieving parity and competitiveness (salary cap, American style draft system). In theory if your team can win any given weekend, you're more likely to go out and support them. Filling football stadiums is not an easy thing to do in this country, and MLS is trying to avoid the mistakes made by the NASL. As far as SI's implementation of MLS, i've always been torn between being very impressed and desiring more. It's an incredibly complicated league, and while much is done very, very well, rookie and waiver drafts have always left much to be desired. Roster limits and salary caps are a tough thing to manage. Ultimately, i've always felt a moral obligation to support MLS as an American. And over the years, i've grown to both enjoy and understand it more and more (the quality of football is somewhere between what it could be and the stereotype of what it is). In FM, I can usually last 2 or 3 seasons in MLS before the implementation of the salary cap and the way trades are executed makes things seem a bit silly and I have to quit.
  8. finally got takeover

    My Leeds team just got bought, but no big cash injections ... although if that money comes with a sacking I suppose I'm better off. Btw, what skin is that in your screenshots?
  9. The American Dream

    wow... just wow... Brazil's breaking American hearts in FM in addition to the real world now To be honest I was more pleased with the 2 nil victory over England than the final appearance ... So what's next? Gonna stay on for another 4 years? We'd happily take a manager of your quality at FC Dallas
  10. The American Dream

    can't complain about 2-1 loss to Argentina on a PK goal. And when Argentina beats up their next opponent coupled with a USA victory, you'll be in the drivers seat for qualifying going into the last game against an opponent that at absolute best is equal, and in reality (hopefully) a lesser opponent. Btw, shocking to see Canada hold out for a 0-0 draw with Germany. Gives them a little bit of life
  11. To Steam or not to Steam.

    I've been a huge Steam fanboy for a while now, and really have nothing but good things to say about the service. Sometimes games on Steam will be more expensive than a store, but that has to do with their contracts with developers/publishers not their own pricing. And I know that here in the States the price between steam and store is exactly the same. You can also run steam in offline mode, which means you don't have to worry about not being able to play a LAN game if that's a concern. Assuming you're caught up with the vast majority of the world (or at least gaming world) and have a broadband connection, download and installation could, in theory, be quicker than going to a store and returning home. You don't have to worry about a disc scratching, breaking, or escaping. Also, sometimes Steam offers great deals. Again I can only speak for the states, but if you had a copy of fm09 validated on Steam you could get FML for almost half off AND 4 free months. Don't know if anything like that could/would happen again, and to be honest probably won't, but why risk it? (especially with all the other benefits). The one downside is that you can't sell your games when you're done with them. But with the way yearly sports releases plummet in value, even that can't be seen as a huge concern with this particular game. If anyone from Steam reads this, I expect my check within the week
  12. The American Dream

    Fantastic work!!! Carrying momentum from an awesome win over Mexico, looks like you've just about run away with the group. Polish that group off then see what you can against the big boys in those pre-WC friendlies
  13. Your biggest defeat

    hah, that's great! Although it is glitchy... There were a few times I thought I saw balls getting cleared by invisible defenders or something. Maybe I'm crazy cos I just watched it really quickly in 2d. And it definitely could have been much worse. 2 - 0 after 15 minutes, that's pretty impressive considering you had some 9% of the players they did
  14. This is on Windows 7? I'm running build 7100 and don't have this problem... so dunno :\
  15. Your biggest defeat

    no offense, but I would have loved to have watched that match