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  1. For some reason, whatever I try (load all english players, all players based in england etc) doesn't work and I still get more than 950 players without names..
  2. Hi SB I've started a new game with your level 10 db and the players with no name are 969! Am I missing something?
  3. It would be nice if the titlebar with the teams' colours had stripes, lines, etc, like each shirt.
  4. Like the Europa League ones?
  5. A very nice add-on to the game, thanks man.
  6. Can we make the row heights larger in order to fit bigger numbers in the player profile for example, all at once, without the need to edit every category's xml?
  7. Yid Army, the updates won't work in a saved game.
  8. Can someone upload the titlebar xml that will make the player name and position appear in one line, like in the default skin, rather than the two lines it has now?
  9. "Please pick me! Please pick me!"
  10. Is it possible to correnct the youth status errors with FMRTE?
  11. Hi there.. Where can I find the latest update?
  12. The best option for that would be something like that: No exact valuation, only a world for a range of ability, so from 1-4 could be poor, from 9-14 average, etc
  13. @Romanista Download it again, maybe that will be enough.. @JR866Gunner Just copy the team talk panel from the Red 10 to my other skin! @TH14-TW14 Smaller or bigger? You must edit the xml
  14. LOL Both versions work fine with 10.3
  15. Can someone list the bugs of the latest fix?